22 Apr 2006

WP and the SDP

Workers' Party Candidates Unveiled Officially

"The MIW is going to harp on the quality of the opposition candidates again and the academic and employment background of people from the WP etc would be scrutinised. That is a fair personal attack in a GE but academic and employment history alone do not measure how a person can be a good political leader. Once an opposition party member possesses a subjective minimum standard in terms of education and work experience, we as voters should look our for other criteria to assess whether he or she can perform well as an MP in parliament. Academic and work history is not the be all and end all. For example, what makes a good political leader is someone who can inspire, communicate, and reach out to all Singaporeans. People and oratorical skills to me is what might be lacking in the current MPs and only very few of them inspire through their speeches."


Another GE Defamation Lawsuit Threat

As all of us know, politics can be about timing and this demand to the SDP to apologise is questionable in terms of how the MIW can benefit from it. If anything, it is bad timing with the GE here and it reminds political observers and voters that defamation lawsuits are still in vogue with the MIW. It just shows that the MIW are just not creative enough to come up with new tricks to tackle the opposition, and by extension, maybe the MIW might not have new ideas on making Singapore "stay ahead" in the next few years.


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soci said...

My first response was that maybe someone within the PAP government or police force was making a serious mistake to call for an apology from the SDP during an election campaign. It can only make the PAP appear as bullies, and create a 'vote for us or else' feeling amongst the electorate. Rather too brutish for the machinations of the PAP leadership I thought.