25 Apr 2006

Chee's Podcast Text

Chee's podcast text
25 Apr 06

The Singapore Democrats have been ordered to remove our podcasts, including the address Dr Chee Soon Juan gave regarding the persecuting of the SDP and its leaders. Below is the text of the speech.

My fellow Singaporeans,

This is Chee Soon Juan The elections are upon us again and the Singapore Democrats are busy preparing for the polls on May 6.

But unlike previous campaigns, this one is a little different in that even before the hustings begin, the PAP is up to its favourite tactic of suing its opponents for defamation. It is certainly whipping up anti-SDP sentiments through the mass media that it controls.

But that’s not all. The PAP is hell-bent on crippling the SDP’s election campaign.

First, it bans podcasting knowing full well that we had set up our podcast last year specifically so that we can better reach out to voters in this election.

Two, MM Lee Kuan Yew and his son, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong have sued our Party for defamation.

Three, the PAP has even gone after the SDP’s printer, Mr David Sum, who is now so fearful he dares not print our election material.

Four, everywhere that we go for our walkabouts, undercover police agents are on hand to harass us and issue us warnings.

Five, the PAP is so desperate that it has even changed the rules to bar both Mr J B Jeyaretnam and I from speaking at the election rallies. It goes to the extent to rule that no one can read my speeches out for me at the rallies.

Let me ask you one simple question: Does this sound like a Government that is confident of the popular support that it claims to have or does this sound more like an insecure regime determined to prevent the SDP from telling voters its views and competing with the PAP for votes?

Mr Lee Kuan Yew says that Singapore should have a First World Government and opposition. I couldn’t agree more. But I’d like to remind him that First World Governments don’t sue their political opponents or their printers, they don’t have police officers tailing the opposition wherever they go out to meet voters, or prevent them from speaking at election rallies, or ban podcasting.

What First World Governments do is to have public debates with their opponents uncensored and unedited so that voters can watch and make up their own minds. To this end, I would like to invite Mr Lee Kuan Yew and/or Mr Lee Hsien Loong to demonstrate the PAP’s First World-ness by engaging my colleagues and I in public debate during one of our rallies – telecast live.

This would be a wonderful opportunity for the PAP to show how much of a First World government it is and if what Mr Lee Kuan Yew says about the SDP being a ‘hooligan’ party is true or not. The SDP is confident of letting the people of Singapore be the judge. What about the PAP?

The truth of the matter is that Singaporeans must not let the PAP dictate what kind of an opposition Singapore should have. The state-controlled media will portray the SDP as a party not worthy of the people’s support. That’s not surprising because the Singapore Democrats are openly calling for reform of our political system and for the Government to truly serve the people and not vice versa. The PAP is terrified of this message and wants to shut the party down.

An opposition must speak clearly and loudly when the people are being bullied, when ministers are paying themselves millions of dollars in salaries while the people continue to take cuts in their wages and CPF.

An opposition must spell out its alternative ideas clearly as we have done in our newspaper and various books and reports.

An opposition must not be intimidated by the ruling party no matter how tough the going gets.

Because ultimately an opposition exists to keep democracy alive by speaking up for the people.

Clearly, the Government is going all out to crush the Singapore Democrats. It wants to shut the SDP down. We’re not surprised by this because that’s what undemocratic regimes do to parties that call for reform – reform so that power can be rightly returned to the citizens.

Everything I’ve done, I’ve done it with our nation at heart. You may not agree with everything I say or do. But you cannot accuse me of not speaking up for the people. I love my country as much as anyone else in Singapore. But loving my country and being loyal to it doesn’t mean I have to bow down to the PAP and look the other way when injustice occurs.

We, the members of the SDP, will continue to speak up and we will tell the PAP when it is wrong no matter how much we are persecuted. We will not kow-tow to bullying and to arrogance.

We will continue to speak up and to fight for you. Why? Because Singapore belongs to us Singaporeans, not the PAP. Whatever happens in this election, the SDP will always remain true to our beliefs, our people and, most important, our nation.

Thank you and may God bless all of you and your loved ones.


Anonymous said...

why not host Chee's podcast on SBP?

Anonymous said...

That's the reason why he is prosecuted now, for doing so!

Anonymous said...

I thought that was an awesome response by Chee.

wt said...

I cringe when MM Lee said the PAP Gov't is a "first world gov't". How deluded can he possibly get?

If the PAP Gov't is indeed a "first world gov't", then:

1) Why isn't there freedom of assembly and expression?

2) Why isn't there freedom of the press?

3) Why the frivolous lawsuits against the Opposition?

3) Why do we not have tenured judges?

4) Why is it possible for the ISD to have authority to jail people without trial?

Of course, MM Lee merely said the PAP Gov't is a first world gov't, he didn't mention anything about democracy, so it's safe to assume they're not.

In fact, I believe my rights as a citizen and human being would be further enhanced if REAL first world gov'ts like that of Australia, Britain, Canada, Japan, or the Scandinavian countries, were to take over the PAP. But do you think citizens in the aforementioned countries would want a ruling party like the PAP?

I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Freedom does not come freely.
All nations has to do their fight for it.
The above nations already done theirs.

Anonymous said...

There's a high price to pay for freedom.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how just one man can put so much fear into the Peanuts Action Party

Anonymous said...

founding father - tah ker tah

Anonymous said...

Well...he is just running with no one following him.

If one is so motivated by his speech...why don't you join his party? Seems like he is just following PAP's footsteps...inviting all his family members to the SDP CEC. I've heard from him...but he simply doesn't take others opinions at all! How then can you ever listen to the residents, where he doesn't even listen to his own party members? He is doomed to fail

Anonymous said...

Poor dr chee is on a loosing streak. He cannot hope to win in this island, however, his word has been circulated around the world, far more dangerous than his little attacks on the pityfull PAP here. As a European, aI regularly read the ver bad publicity Singapore is receiving from the European press. Sinapore's validity is now being discussed in various EU circles, London, Paris Brussells etc. We have only gotg to waity for just mone senior powerful european MP to begin asking questions in his parliament, London, Paris are all immensly strong politically and have amazing pull.
Singapore's level of internal control takes my mind back to George Orwell's 1984, and Winston Smith's fight with BIG Brother. This reminds me of dr chee and the rulers of the PAP.
In 1984, the final control where the two way video screens in every household in the land. I wander just how far we are away from a similar fate?

Anonymous said...

I hope I am alive to see the PAP rue the day they began trampling over the individual rights of people to speak freely.

When they are hauled before a new, independent judiciary, I will cheer when they are sentenced for treason and constitutional violations.

Hopefully, the death penalty for treason will still apply.

Majulah Singapura! A sovereign territory belongs to its sovereign people, not to the government.

soci said...

Dear last anon,

as much as I agree with your sentiment I feel that calling for the death penalty for treason is a step to far.

The death penalty is never something I could ever agree with. And threats of violence to anyone is not acceptable.

Hopefully a government dominated by the sovereignty of the people would do away with such a judiciary based on punishment.

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