30 Apr 2006

Rally at Ubi field

More outstanding work from Yawning Bread...

This is a part of a screenshot of 'Today' newspaper, 28 April 2006. It informed the public that there would be 2 election rallies in the evening for Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (GRC).
The People's Action Party would be holding theirs at a comfortable sports stadium about 700 metres from Serangoon metro station, walking along paved roads. The stadium would have seats.

The Workers' Party was allocated a rough field in a mixed industrial and residential area, about 1.2 km from Eunos metro station, with no easy walking approach. The Pan-Island Expressway lies midway between the station and the field. Only one bus service goes there.

I chose Ubi field. I only had an hour or so, as I had a ticket for the Film Festival's 'Angry Monk' at 21.15h. But I should be able to grab some photos, I told myself.

Then it started to rain.

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Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT! Did you see the picture of the crowd at the latest WP rally?