15 Apr 2006

PM Lee releases PAP's election manifesto with slogan "Staying Together, Moving Ahead"

SINGAPORE : "Staying Together, Moving Ahead" - that's the election slogan of Singapore's governing People's Action Party (PAP) for the coming polls.

Announcing this in the party's manifesto on Saturday, PAP Secretary General and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong left no doubt the nation's unity remains a top priority as Singapore forges ahead.

He called on the people to vote for the party that delivers and the team they can trust to realise the vision of a better life for all.

In his message in the manifesto, Mr Lee says when he became Prime Minister in 2004, he had promised to make Singapore a land of opportunity where everyone belongs.

But there are major challenges even as opportunities are opening up in the world.

He is concerned about less-skilled Singaporeans whose jobs and wages are under pressure - and also for older Singaporeans living on their own, and taking care of their own medical and daily expenses.

The Prime Minister says he was also troubled that a terrorist attack will sow suspicion and discord among Singaporeans.

He urged Singaporeans to respond boldly and creatively to opportunities and challenges.

He feels the young must be imbued with the same can-do, never-say-die Singapore spirit that has brought the nation where it is today.

So, while he is confident Singapore will move ahead, he says the people must also stay together.

This means even as each person strives for himself, all must care for one another.

As Prime Minister, Mr Lee says he will devote all his energy to this effort but he cannot succeed alone.

He needs the full support of the people and a strong team of Ministers and MPs to help him.

Hence his call to Singaporeans to give him and his team the strong mandate to:

* create opportunities for Singaporeans;
* give the young the best start;
* encourage every citizen to play a role;
* do more for lower income Singaporeans;
* help older Singaporeans to lead full and active lives; and
* provide affordable healthcare for all.


Anonymous said...

In order to maintain a "nice, clean and green city state", those stall holders selling all sorts of "collective items from rags and bones" have been told by the ministry to leave Clark Quay by end of this month as reported in the news today.

These stalls have in a way been able to attract many tourists. Some tourists interviewed felt it is shame to do so as these stalls do not really affect the "clean and green environment" of sg esp. b/w 9am - 7 pm.

Instead of striving towards a "warm and vibrant city", so that we can boost tourism in sg, we are in fact hampering the tourism and affecting the economy.

As this sort of trade is usually by those minority people who are usually illerate and coming form poor family background, this truly affects their livelihood.

Moreover, it also reflects what kind of "superficial society" we are. What a "warm and vibrant city" we are striving toward????

Anonymous said...

Is this what the govt is "doing more for lower income singaporeans" as listed in their manifesto??

Anonymous said...

Dalai Lama Meets with Muslims in California

The Dalai Lama, who was awarded the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize, fled Tibet in 1959 following an aborted uprising against Chinese rule in the territory and now keeps an office in exile in the Himalayan town of Dharmsala, India.

"Nowadays to some people the Muslim tradition appears more militant," the 70-year-old exiled monk said at a weekend conference, which aimed to bring Muslims and Buddhists together.

"I feel that's totally wrong. Muslims, like any other traditions same message, same practice. That is a practice of compassion," he said.

To read more:

locky2ky said...

"Staying Together, Moving Ahead" is only meant for the elites. For the non elites will be "Staying Behind, Slogging On"

Anonymous said...

Arroyo commute death sentences for more than 1000 convicts in Philippines


How about Sg? Any consideration by the sg govt or judicial court?

Our convicts come mainly from the broken family background, poverty, lack of love from family members and friends, influenced by bad companion of friends, lack of societal integration, etc.

To commute them is certainly a good start to building towards a WARM & VIBRANT citystate bec these people could become good "counsellors" of innates as well as potential criminals, who ultimately be able to contribute directly or indirectly towards our society and economy in the long run.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no, no, no...they can't commute those death sentences. Don't you know? Singapore's the hanging hub. Got to be the HUB!

God knows what other hub they will think of? *rolling my eyes*

Anonymous said...

Yes, this will DEFINITELY lead to opening another HUB and that is the VIBRANT "HELL" HUB

The lord of death will WELCOME all of them with OPEN ARMS and REGISTRATION IS FREE OF CHARGE!!

Anonymous said...

oh my god......these threads are really perverse and sarcastic

Anonymous said...

To go to hell if one commited a heinous action such as killing and/or execution, is not a joke or perverse or sarcastic talk!!!

It is a S-E-R-I-O-U-S matter!!