1 Apr 2006

Tomorrow.sg - April Fool

April Fool.

What gave it away was the reference to the "maturing of the local blogosphere" I fell off my chair laughing.

In view of the current financial situation and Tomorrow.sg's unexpected growth in both audience and traffic, our server hosting bills have skyrocketed as a result.

The only solution in sight is to begin charging readers a subscription fee of SGD5.55/month, via paypal or reload cards sold at various 7-11 outlets around the island.

While we understand that this is news is very sudden and unexpected, we hope you understand and look forward to your support in the future!

A more formalized annoucement with detailed pricing plans (regular and premium packages are being planned) will also include advertising plans and how Tomorrow.sg's direction will change with the maturing of the local blogosphere.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

bloggers are naturally keen to overstate their own influence; there are also others with a vested interest to do so: it justifies not giving coverage to certain opinions - just tell them to start their own blogs

the simple fact is even the best read blogs have limited sustained circulation; an individual quickly runs out of interesting things to say while contributions from readers are unpredictable in quantity and quality; it takes organized effort to maintain the flow of news and opinions (assuming that is a paper makes an effort to reflect a range of opinions - some people prefer momopoly)