30 Apr 2006

SDA's Chiam See Tong rebuts NCMP suggestion

By Rita Zahara, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : The chairman of Singapore Democratic Alliance Chiam See Tong has rebutted National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan's suggestion that he should be voted into Parliament as a Non-Constituency MP.

Mr Chiam, who has served as MP for Potong Pasir for the past 22 years, said he would not be able to help the residents and meet their needs if he is relegated to just keep a check on the PAP in Parliament.

Mr Mah had criticised Mr Chiam's two-in-one formula, in which the SDA leader urged residents to vote opposition candidates into Parliament so they would get the services of both the opposition MPs as well as the aspiring PAP candidates, who would work extra hard to win them over.

Turning the tables against him, Mr Mah had said residents in Potong Pasir will still benefit from the services of two representatives if they vote for Mr Sitoh Yih Pin, as Mr Chiam can come in as a Non-Constituency MP.

Mr Chiam said: "One very basic thing he does not know is that a Non-Constituency MP has got no constituency to look after. How can I help the constituency ... if I am selected as a NCMP? I don't think he knows what he is talking about." - CNA/de

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