19 Apr 2006

Politics and Timing

"Yet another recent local example of how timing in politics is vital. The timing of the Durai hearing is almost perfect and unlikey to be coincidental. The election is in early May according to the heavy hints floating around and the burning of Durai at the stake is only happening now, although the NKF saga erupted about 9 months ago."



Anonymous said...

so you feel the court news would please the voters, rather than remind them of the system's defect? it cuts both ways

like MM's session with young people, emotions can have their own momentum

Anonymous said...

And not to mention the very convenient pushing back of the PTC fare approval hikes(?) to after everyone has gone to the polls? Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

One more thing:

Feedback Unit just announced that
"75%" of people are happy with the Budget 2005...

Come on, all these good news is making me stand.

Anonymous said...

Also the reduction of electricity bills for 3 months too!!

BEAST said...

TNT Durai is the sacrificial lamb.

He shall be lynched publicly so that everyone will see that the PAP is doing its work.