20 Apr 2006

Uploading Video During Sg Election 2006

Viewing an election rally, take your camera, film it, upload and email me the address of the site.

Included here are two of the more popular sites to upload video to. Signing up is easy and most require you to download some software.

Your work deserves to be seen.You've made a great video. Now who will watch it?

Whether you produce hundreds of titles a year or just a few, you can give your videos the recognition and visibility they deserve by promoting them on Google - for free. Signing up for the Google Video Upload Program will connect your work with users who are most likely to want to view them.

Sign up and upload...
We're accepting digital video files of any length and size. Simply sign up for an account and upload your videos using our Video Uploader (please be sure you own the rights to the works you upload), and, pending our approval process and the launch of this new service, we'll include your video in Google Video, where users will be able to search, preview, purchase and play it. Find out more here.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you.
With YouTube you can:
Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide
Browse thousands of original videos uploaded by community members
Find, join and create video groups to connect with people with similar interests
Customize your experience with playlists and subscriptions
Integrate YouTube with your website using video embeds or APIs

Some other sites that accept videos include:


Anonymous said...

What are the websites that will provide information of all the rally venues and time?

Anonymous said...

I had read about COMMUNISM, and I think S'pore functions quite similar like communist in many areas. E.g, having secret police to control, individual rights are suppressed in the name of social control, many government-linked companies, the government people earning and having many privileges ordinary citizens won't get, having a restricted and controlled media and press to brainwash its citizen in believing the Party is great, suppressing its oppositions etc. Singapore govt is really sophiscated, its economy operates like western democracy, but the government acts like communist bullies. Are the SG govt acting in the name of ASIAN VALUES or Communism in order to maintain its POWER which is greatly enjoyed by the ELITE?

Anonymous said...

even emailing you the rally speeches will get ourselves into danger in S'pore.

the govet have an EYE in the email content too, and might scan the email content and sue us for sending you rally speeches etc.

soci said...

If you are worried about sending email to me during an election you can and probably should look at the following powerpoint presentation...


soci said...

or even better than that surf using an anonymisor and post the address in the comment section of any posting on this site and I will receive it.

pro-podcast said...

the more PAP banned podcast , the more we must post more podcast, want to see how PAP going to stop the great internet... ha ha