18 Apr 2006


Dear fellow Singaporeans,

Mr. Chiam See Tong
Chairman of SDA

The Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA) is an alliance of 4 political parties, represented in Parliament by Mr Chiam See Tong, MP for Potong Pasir, and NCMP Mr Steve Chia. It was founded in 14th July 2001 with the belief that Singaporeans want a more united and effective political party to compete with the governing PAP.

The SDA aims to win at least 4 SMCs and 2 GRCs in this election – bringing a total of 15 MPs into Parliament. Only with at least such a number can we hope to establish a viable shadow Cabinet – to shadow the workings of the various ministries, and propose viable alternative policies for Singaporeans’ consideration to challenge for the running of the government.

Till then, the immediate and primary role of the SDA is to send more of its alliance members into Parliament – to act as an effective check and balance; to bring greater transparency and accountability in Government processes; and to reduce the over-whelming majority of the PAP in Parliament. On that basis, we detail below the SDA beliefs and aims.

1. The SDA believes that:

a. There must be competition in politics.

This competition for the people's support will bring about a better and more progressive society. We must not give the PAP Government too much power without checks and balances being established. There must be greater transparency and accountability of Government policies, decisions and expenses at the national level. Otherwise, accidents like NKF will repeat itself at the national level.

b. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The nature of corruption can be financial, complacency, cronyism, intolerance, or simply taking the public's support for granted. The government constantly preaches the importance of “good corporate governance”, the need for “checks and balances,” “transparency and accountability” and “level playing field” in the corporate and charity sectors. Yet, it is not willing to devolve power to promote the long-overdue and much-needed “checks and balances, transparency and accountability” to promote good political governance in our society. Why the double-standard protection when they legislate competition onto every other business sectors, except in their own domain?

c. There is too much power in the hands of the PAP Government.

This is unhealthy for the long term growth and progress of a democratic, knowledge-based society. And the SDA intends to change this by acting as an effective check to balance this power of the Government.

2. It is the aim and vision of SDA to:

a. Help establish a strong, credible, and viable people-oriented alternative political institution to compete with the PAP -- for the people’s mandate,

b. Create a vibrant prosperous economy through a open transparent system of governance, and

c. Work towards the democratic growth and development of Singapore into a dynamic multi-cultural and caring society.

We need your understanding and support of these objectives. As we try to build a strong foundation for the political alternatives with quality people, we hope you can be open-minded and support us in this General Election.

Help us build political competition, so that your concerns are better served. Thank you,

From the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA)

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lee hsien tau said...

And you Mr Chiam See Tong is Mr Clean? Don't make me laugh.

You're so clean, you have to quit as lawyer?