20 Apr 2006

browncast: jedi elections special

A real treat for Star Wars fans.

I haven't laughed so much in a long time. Hilarious!

browncast: jedi elections special

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... a young republic was having their elections, and the ruling party decided to have a dialogue with the disenfranchised youth.

A fanfic parody by mr brown and Mr Miyagi.

This audio podcast does not contain "explicit political content" because that is prohibited during the election period under the Singapore's Election Advertising Regulations. We are just inspired by the recent election events, like the dialogue MM Lee Kuan Yew had with 10 young people on TV (read opinions here and here, read a CNA report here, and watch video here). Yes, I know, we have overly active imaginations and way too much free time. Results of our misspent youth, I'm sure.

Audio file for the mrbrown show 20 April 2006: jedi elections special
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Anonymous said...

Be respectful, "Wa si lim lao peh..." MUAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Review of "Dialogue with MM" - hosted by Diana Ser at 8.30pm and 11.30pm tonight Ch U

clyde said...

That must have taken an entire weekend of recording and sourcing clips from the Star Wars trilogies...! But otherwise great stuff. Closest thing we have to a satire...heh.

Anonymous said...

so far GCT and MM campaigning has not been helpful to LHL; not sure of their roles after the election

a lot of the ministers look worn out, but the younger/new MPs dont offer many replacements

Anonymous said...

It was reported that old man and son demanded apologies from chinese agencies for slanders. And......u know.......