15 Apr 2006

An Unlevel Playing Field in Singapore Politics

"MM Lee was insistent that there can never be a level playing field in politics. So, all is fair in love and war, and in the books of MM Lee, politics too. He thinks he is right to question why a ruling party should give their challengers a break. His rationale was that politically battling uphill was his baptism of fire when he entered politics as an opposition and if he can do it, others can and should too. I find this sort of reasoning somewhat questionable. Along a similar but naturally not identical vein, just because I was bullied in primary school years ago, that does not mean that bullying in primary schools now is acceptable and that there is no need to address the bullying problem. MIW Inc and its steadfast focus on market-domination is rather like Microsoft, like some have mentioned before."



Anonymous said...

LKY is not afraid of losing power, but of losing face: he cannot accept being slighted or ridiculed in the way leaders of the western nations constantly get; opposition, journalists and others are all required to be respectful towards the leaders, who do not consider themselves to be public "servants".

in this, he is very chinese

mrdarren said...

MM Lee replied that GRCs were introduced in 1988 because women and racial minorities could not get elected into parliament. Voters wanted MPs who could speak their native languages of Hokkien & Teochew whom they could better relate to. MM Lee did not elaborate on why women could not get elected.

I’m not sure PAP even attempted to field female candidates in the general elections before 1988. Did MM Lee test his theory of voters’ gender bias by fielding a strong PAP female candidate pre-1988? If MM Lee did not even try fielding a single female candidate pre-1988, little wonder he had difficulty getting any woman elected into parliament!

For more: http://mr-darren.blogspot.com/2006/04/grc-gender-race-change.html

Matilah_Singapura said...

On this, I agree with Lee Kuan Yew. The game of politics is layed to win. Winner, does take all.

Anyway in life itself, no one is under any obligation to ensure that playing fields are "level".

Actually if you think about it carefully, anything does go, whether you like it or not.