28 Apr 2006

Nomination Day in Photos by Yawning Bread

Below is a very brief excerpt from Yawning Breads photo essay on nomination day. Nice to get an alternative take, rather than the CNA we love the PAP coverage.

More supporters of the Workers' Party. Some of their colleagues didn't want to be in the picture.

When I approached them, they immediately asked me if I was from the mainstream media. Only when they were convinced of my denials did they agree to pose. I wondered why.

After the shot, they enquired which website it would be on. I soon realised that none of them had ever heard of Yawning Bread. Out of curiosity, I asked if they knew of other sites like Singapore Ink, Singabloodypore, Mr Wang, etc. Zilch. None of them recognised any of those names.

Somewhere in there may be an indicator of how the party is not yet able to exploit new media.

But these folks have the courage to wear the opposition's colours and show up at the Nomination Centre, even if they'd be outnumbered 50:1 by the PAP. Think about that.

Can we nominate Yawning Bread for the Pulitzer Prize?


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is it true that the media in Singapore is heavily skewed to report more abt one political party than the rest of the other political parties. Also, there has been a general observation that when the other political parties get any media coverage at all, they are almost always painted in bad light; even exclusive news coverage in both audio and visual manner no less ( 3 minutes no less ). Shouldn't the role of the media be providing news and information in an as unbias and objective manner as possible?

Mr Wang Says So said...

Three cheers for Yawning Bread!

xialanxue said...

Is CNA breaking the law?


Hairy Lee said...


Why is CNA allowed to podcast for PAP?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Aljunied GRC WP Rally on 29 April, Mr Low Thia Kiang: