10 Apr 2006

A New Contributor

After the following exchange, Gilbert Koh suggested that we offer Chemgen access to posting here on Singabloodypore. The invitation has been accepted and so by way of introduction I have included an extract of Chemgen's latest posting on Chemical Generation.

Some issues concerning the Thai election were that of whether all voters were "informed" and "rational", and if numbers per se mattered in the end. PAD's view would probably be a 'no' and a 'no'. With our own elections arriving in Singapore soon, are voters ready to make informed responsible decisions? Would they vote for the sake of voting opposition? Would they vote for the incumbents out of habit, assuming that there is a contest in their GRC or SMC? Voters without an understanding of what the various parties stand for in theory and more important perhaps, in reality, can be easily swayed by the elites on all sides. In a democracy and especially during an election, ignorance is not bliss, as far as the management of the state goes. What will be the lessons on Singapore's illiberal democracy when the GE is over?

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