25 Apr 2006

SDP Stands Firm

Another defamation suit is underway. Why does not the PAP understand that such underhand tactics on the opposition leaders are stellar examples of how the promise of an open and inclusive society is all a sham. This time the PAP has gone a step further and indiscriminately wants to sue all the SDP leaders, even including one that jumped ship to another party some time ago. Where is the sense in that? Who is the real hooligan?


Anonymous said...

Guess it's the only way to oust out not only SDP but other Oppositions as well.

I had just finished reading Animal Farm. We are actually living in the Animal Farm. And PAP is like the pigs, controlling the farm.

Sad but frightening.

Anonymous said...

Its not just the pigs you have to watch its all the fukin piglets as well :(

Anonymous said...

Now look, the rules have not been changed...but Chee Soon Juan persistantly breaks the rules. It is obvious lies he mentioned and have no respect for authorities...how then can he ever become an authority?

He should stop acting like a spoilt child and get treatment.

Simple as that, if he talks rubbish...it is not anything about freedom of speech or rights...he is simply irresponsible

Anonymous said...

How do you know he is lying ?

What if there is some underlying truth in what he is trying to tell Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Its always easy to be a stereotype-Singaporean critic of CSJ,

but it is tough and courageous for any Singaporean to take on the government - especially on unfair and undemocractic policies.

We need less armchair, gutless critics and more of CSJ types in our country!


Anonymous said...

What if there is some underlying truth in what he is trying to tell Singapore?

But look what happen to Tan Liang Hong when he went in on the Lees and their HPL property issue, cannot even come back now.. Even if got some cover-up, we also can't find out what. The truth is that when the judiciary is biased toward the ruling party, you have no chances of winning suits like this, you'll be lucky if your judge is not formerly from Lee & Lee. And remember ex-Justice Michael Khoo who acquitted JBJ? Kena demoted and now just another name on the AG Chambers 's payroll. From high-flyer to underling.. Now the judges also know which side of their bread got butter.. got peanut butter some more ok.. and in S'pore, peanuts are worth a lot! Mrs Goh Chok Tong informed us before haha

Anonymous said...

Lets' compare CHINA COMMUNIST PARTY with the SG Govt, and lets' see who is the real gangster!

- The Communist Party has used two-sided strategies, one side soft and flexible and the other hard and stern.

(well, definately, SG govt has always been using the soft strategies)

-Its softer strategies include propaganda, united fronts,

(Yeah, remember the new motto - United Together, Move Forward...introduced by Lee L H recently? vv communist indeed)

- getting into people's minds, brainwashing,

(yeah, the media and press controlled by them are always brainwashing us and let us think that they are good govt)

-lies and deception, covering up the truth

(hmm, NKF and many others...)

- psychological abuse, and generating an atmosphere of terror.

(yeah, with SECRET POLICE and ISA, who is not AFRAID?)

-In doing these things, the CCP creates a syndrome of fear inside the people’s hearts that leads them to easily forget the Party’s wrongdoings.

(that is right, it is happening in S'pore too)

-The CCP’s hard tactics include violence, armed struggle, persecution, political movements, murdering witnesses, kidnapping, suppressing different voices, armed attacks, periodic crack-downs, etc. These aggressive methods create and perpetuate terror.

(Luckily, SG govt are more civilised, they SUED people instead.)

What a coincidence! SG is another COMMUNIST!!!

The Communist Party Is a Sophisticated Professional Gang –
Deceit—Evil Has to Cheat to Pretend to Be Righteous

People with Righteous Beliefs Are Fearless, While the China Communist Party Relies on People’s Fear to Maintain Its Political Power


Source: www.9ping.com

'JiuPing' -
Writings about the China Communist Party and how it works: (its gangster behaviour and brainwashing of citizens to maintain its POLITICAL POWER.)

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Anonymous said...

anonymous said Chee Soon Juan
pesistantly break the rules. whose
rules are those? In all first world
democracies, all he has done is just part and parcel of politiking.
You dont see Bush or Blair going
around sueing their opponents pants
Dont forget if PAP point the finger
at the opp, another one is pointing
back at them

Anonymous said...

Jo - this is the best comment i've heard about CSJ so far.
He is the most courageous guy in Singapore politics by far and makes everyone else look like chickens.

Anonymous said...

please la. you all think you are so brave for saying all this.

a lot of sinaporeans just want to work hard and don't care so much about freedom of speech la. so much freedom of speech but then no good quality of life for what. like indonesians.

I think WP is damn good this time. so i might vote for them but CSJ what can he offer me or other singaporeans? nothing. just lots of street talk. anyone can say that la. he has so much conviction - print some of the proof la! stop accusing, start proving!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter who you're voting for, so long as you don't vote for PAP.
Frankly, I'd vote for some runaway lunatic from woodbridge rather than the PAP.