23 Apr 2006

Singapore opposition leader says will not apologise

Why should he retract a statement which is true? The PAP should be apologising to the people of Singapore.

Sun Apr 23, 2006

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - The leader of a Singapore opposition party, threatened with a defamation suit by the city-state's ruling politicians for accusations of corruption days ahead of a poll, said on Sunday he would not apologise.

Lawyers for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his father, Lee Kuan Yew, have sent letters to leaders of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), complaining about articles in the party's newsletter.

The action comes before the May 6 general election in a replay of a legal drama ahead of the last poll in 2001, won overwhelmingly by the People's Action Party (PAP) that has dominated parliament since independence from Malaysia in 1965.

Chee Soon Juan, secretary-general of the SDP, and members of his party's central executive committee must apologise and pay an unspecified amount in damages, a lawyer representing the Lees told the Strait Times newspaper on Saturday.

"I personally will not be apologising. You can't be apologising every time someone threatens you," Chee told Reuters.

"I was only doing what the opposition should be doing: questioning government policies and wanting more transparency and accountability. Only here in Singapore are these actions frowned upon and draw defamation lawsuits," he said.

Lawyers said should the case go to court, the SDP ran the risk of being shut down if the party or its executive committee was not able to pay the damages.

An acerbic critic of the Singapore government, Chee has had several skirmishes with the ruling PAP. He was slapped with a defamation suit in 2001 for accusations against Lee, founder of the city state, and then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong.

Chee was declared bankrupt in February for failing to make libel payments of S$500,000. Last month, he was jailed for eight days for questioning the independence of Singapore's judiciary.


Anonymous said...

Dr Chee only questioned the govt handling of the NKF issue, and it is the govt responsibility to come out and argue/defend it role and actions over the years. Yet instead of doing it, it choose to hide behind a defamation suit. It is SM LKY who make it personal and called Dr Chee a hooligan. If anyone who questioned a ruiling party is a hooligan, than they must be hundred of thousands of intellectual hooligan all over the world.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious they want Chee OUT cos they are afraid SDP may win the election, especially Sembawang GRC.

What to do?
It's an only way to frighten the people, not SDP!

Sad and dirty election tactics!

Anonymous said...

Hmm! when has the PAP apologise to the people in its entire government history?

I remember correctly that one of the minister was sayin sumting like sorri halfheartedly during the NKf fiasco. of course the PAP is never wrong, always rite, and people always have to listen to them becox they are the only one who can lead the people into greater propserity and economic advancement etc etc and all other opposition are just not as good as their candidates/ministers. If the people dont listen to them they will not upgrade their hdb, cut their cpf, increase gst, transport fees etc etc hold on they actually did fo all the above except the first itme on my list. goes to show how pap is never sorri???

Anonymous said...

Look at CNA today, All Pro-PAP news and all anti-opposition news..Can the media please please be more fair to the opposition?

Anonymous said...

all in one word - EGOISTIC!!

Look at the ex-Pope, who was so magnanimous that he could forgive someone who tried to kill him.

Can defamation and prestige be worse off than killing??

Anonymous said...

chee is not playing smart. want to play in the game, play by the rules.

Matilah_Singapura said...

... or play a different game.

Same stratergy equals same results.

Anonymous said...

u think u want to play by the rules so easy meh. the rules set by pap change every time one. they can say anything, do anything and give it a cloak of respectibility thru their state sanction media.

thats what the journos who question Minister Mentor said basically @ the forum. they say no playing field - can that be considered as libelious? oso can rite? but how cum they not sued?

recently channels news asia change tack and say the entire forum is "pure theatre" wah liow what to do? media change face 180 degrees. i oso dont know weter to laugh or cry.

dont play by the rules lah just be honest can alreadi too bad many of us are too afraid to speak the truth and those who do it kena. still so many armchair critics pretend to know everything... sigh...

- the reader who asks blogger to "question" carefully

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly there are many so called intellectual hooligans in politics around the world,sad thing is most of them are in power !!

Anonymous said...

one moment they publicly criticised the oppo, next minute they praised the oppo.

ycbi said...

Anonymous said (chee is not playing smart. want to play in the game, play by the rules. )

ok but just what are the rules and evan if they are known would not the PAP change them while in mid stream !

Anonymous said...

We have a number of problems. (a)
our media is tightly controlled by government factions. (b)CNA is staffed by completely untrained journalists, whbo would not even invite3d to make tea in the average european local television company. (c)The PAP has manoevered the law, any attack on the party is demed libel.
So the Singapaorean or opposition politician will never ever win. Even if an opposition party happens to win a GRC, the PAP will dig deep and discover a law which says the new incumbents have broken the law.
Ovedr the past two and three years Singapore has gained an amazing amount of harmful publicity around the world.
If we are niot careful we are heading for the time when international companies begin to take a much closer look at the actions of the Island.
I love Singapore but it is becoming self distructive.

Anonymous said...

I look around my neighbourhood and I see banners put up by those suckers from the Residents Committee thanking the incumbent for his work to the estate (with a big smiling profile shot of the PAP man).

Talk about being strategic and visible. One banner is tied to two trees at a major junction. I wonder if it's legal to do so. I am sure if I hung my business banner there, I would be taken to task.

Anonymous said...

whatever pap does is always right and legitimate. nobody can do anything to overtake them. this is despotic regime.

Anonymous said...

To recap, the NKF problem had already started when Lim K Hng was i/c of MOH. It was reported that when his staff was sent to attend the meetings with NKF staff a few times, NKF staff were treated with a cold shoulder. The MOH staff felt uncomfortable and subsequently stopped attending the meetings at all.

At that point of time, I feel that MOH itself should actually raised their eyebrow and took immediate action but nothing was done and the matter was left to rest.

Few years later, then Koh BG took over MOH and he sincerely and responsibly takes the matter into hand when the problem surfaced again.

So, on the whole, i would deem Koh BG is a more responsible, more open and transparent minister. In this respect, we should give him the due credit to having conducted investigation and disclosed the actual situation of NKF scandal.

Besides, he has also recommended some constructive changes in the law regulating the hospital.

Anonymous said...

"NKF staff were treated with a cold shoulder"

it should read as MOH staff

beh tahan liao said...

Anonymous said...
"If the people dont listen to them they will not upgrade their hdb, cut their cpf, increase gst, transport fees etc"

Even if we listen to them, price will still go up. Mark my words, with the progressive package paid to we ppl, in no time after the election, "proposal" for increase in some areas will be presented and it will be "justify" even if you are convinced. Sigh!!! So much of their crap of listening and understanding the needs of the ppl.

Anonymous said...


Chee is one real fighter to me. Maybe it's better if he gets jailed for a longer period, the human rights group might then intervene and question the pap.
or that might just be wishful thinking on my part :\

Anonymous said...

i've read the newsletter and it is fair comments by one political party on another political party which happens also to run the government. there is really no basis to turn such commentary into a personal libel case. PAP is really ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have read the article, frankly I
dont find anything defamatory. He is raising the questions we all would like to know. There were no
mention of the the Lees being corrupt. How to play by their rules? Just look at the blogging rules during election. Its so vague
and wide, anything negative you say
about the PAP or Govt may get U in

Anonymous said...

"68.It is really disgraceful if I am still arrogant and egocentric in spite of this. (Especially) if I am a knowledgeable and experienced person, I am a bad example of human qualities and values."

This verse describes it all - sg govt!!

lee hsien tau said...

Always knew it was pure theatre, so never watched. (Come on man, otherwise they would invite me right?)
And if you visit martin see's blog, lau lee seem to be employing the same tactics over and over again from the failed merger with malayia all the way to now. Never fail one.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"In the end, we work so hard and our money CPF, HDB, COE, Healthcare costs etc etc...end up in their COFFIN!"

You can't bring them to your coffin. Besides, you have to cough up more money to buy that coffin!

In the near future, your children may not even see your hard earned money cos it may be auto-transferred to their CPF accounts, 'safeguard' by our government, to prevent them from gambling away. Don't forget, we will be having two casinos very soon.

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Anonymous said...

what a lot of negative assertions. Evidence needs to be produced for any sort of accusation. Not taking sides here but if evidence is not produced and a passionate speech is all thats needed then I can easily come up with a passionate speech to prove alot of negative accusation. Afterall, it will be how I say it and not whats said.