30 Apr 2006

Call to Action - Letter to the Editor

Someone has generously provided a well written letter. You might want to consider attaching your name to it and sending it to CNA.

Dear Editor,

I have just been to your website and am disappointed that your media is taking the liberal opportunity of presenting pro-PAP news features at the expense of the opposition, which doesn't do much to reduce the very widespread perception that your media company is a propaganda tool of the ruling party.

A quick glance of your homepage shows about 12 stories dedicated to the PAP's promotional campaigning while stories of the Opposition parties number a paltry few. Your "jumping" on the PAP bandwagon on defining the Opposition parties along the James Gomez minority form fiasco and the pending defamation lawsuits involving the SDP have not gone unnoticed.

Singapore Inc. has acquired a notorious reputation overseas in terms of its repressive political and social environment, having become bedfellows with some of the most oppressive regimes in the world including Burma, Saudi Arabia and China. Perhaps it may be a good strategic policy for your media to move away from your affinity with the establishment and move towards establishing yourself as a credible, independent media that peoples of the world can come to admire.

I am a member of your target audience group (the PMEBs) and I know that many of us having travelled widely and being educated, sophisticated world citizens are no fools in discerning and recognising the blatant bias in the reporting in your media.


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soci said...

Well I have sent my letter to the CNA editor. I altered it as I wanted to and have just emailed it. If you have also done the same, let us know in this comment section.

Nothing may come of it but at least the editor knows that others are watching every move they make during this election.

Anonymous said...

Wow, good, bigger estate gets two parks. Then may we suggest that smaller estate to get one park, where all the citizens, esp the elderly can do their brisk walking and exercises every day. Many of my neighbours, esp those elderly and wheelchair bound tend to do little walking and sit around at the area downstairs of their flats.

This will truly benefit more senior citizns to communicate more with each as well as to keep themselves healthy.

ak said...

That's really polite. You should have seen my version:

"So whose dicks have you guys been sucking? Maybe you guys over at Spin
Alley could try to report the elections from a more objective angle. I
wonder what you editors and reporters learnt in Journalism Schools.
Didn't they include ethics like journalistic integrity in the
curriculum? You don't need to have a brain to see that the bullshit
CNA churns out is totally prejudiced against the Opposition parties.
The same goes for the local media. I wouldn't be surprised if you
so-called journalists refrain from carrying name cards stating your
occupations. You people are just shaming the profession. Why don't you
bunch of Government underlings try relocating to China or North Korea?
The Communists would love cock suckers like you shitty lot."

No kidding.

Anonymous said...

i've sent one, short and not very good though. but i suppose it got my point across.

Anonymous said...

Singapore does not possess any form of journalist school. The poor little sods who are able to gain their sheets of white paper from the tech colleges know as mkuch about tv or newspaper journalism as my pet cat.
Both the Islands press and tv news programmes are staffed by no goers. The poor little people who are stupid enough to exibit their stupid weak faces, and badly spoken voices on the news channels do more damage to this country that they would believe. I know outsiders watch CNA, read the Straits Times admit they are horror stricken by the crass contents, one sided reporting, and badly written material.
If the mesia do not clean up their act the eventual damage to this Island will ever be reversed.
And as for CNA's claims that they are able to rival CNN and BBC, please stop talking such rot.

Anonymous said...

CNA able to rival CNN and BBC? CNA was a miserable failure in India, the land of the most vibrant democracy. Why? Because it could not hold a candle to the aggressive journalistic culture of the Indian media companies. CNA shut down its Indian operation and posted corresponds there instead to report on lifestyle stories.

The buggers ran off to China and are now making money there because the Communist Chinese are so used and conditioned to one side reporting that they probably think that CNA is a good media.

Outside of autocratic societies, CNA will not make headway, not unless they change their approach.

ak said...

Singapore does not possess any form of journalist school.

Oh yes, NTU has a School of Communications. I think most of our worthless journalists got their degrees there.