15 Apr 2006

LKY breaks MOE rule to enrol Lee Hsien Yang's son in Singapore American school

This is rather annoying as I have had conversations with Singaporeans in the past who have made frequent requests to opt out of the system only to be constantly rejected. One rule for Singaporeans and another for the Lee family?

Someone should approach MM Lee and politely request that he, with the deepest respect, keep away from the press.

From Singapore Window.

Channel News Asia
April 11, 2006
By Asha Popatlal,

MINISTER Mentor Lee Kuan Yew hopes Singaporeans can emulate the American spirit of self-help where citizens get together to do what's needed instead of looking to the government for assistance.
He made this call at the Singapore American School's 50th anniversary celebrations.

The school first opened its doors in 1956 in a colonial house with just over a hundred students.

Since then it has grown from strength to strength, and is now the largest international school in the world, with 3450 students.

In many ways, its growth and success has mirrored that of Singapore, the country it's located in.

US Ambassador to Singapore, Patricia Herbold, said: "What stands out most to me is the fact that neither Singapore American School nor Singapore rested on its laurels. They consistently looked to the future and planned for tomorrow. Both have been blessed with exceptional leaders who have grasped opportunities that have resulted in continuous growth and adaptation."

But there is one difference.

And that's the American trait of self-help.

The school itself was set up by a group of American businessmen and their spouses, not the American embassy.

And it's this characteristic that MM Lee hopes Singaporeans can emulate.

He said: "As Singapore companies go abroad and have to expand, Singapore expatriates have to set up their own international schools. But unlike Americans who get together and set up their own international schools, Singaporeans write to their government and say 'please set up such schools for us'."

For Mr Lee, the help extended by the Singapore American School was also personal as it has touched the life of his grandson.

Addressing the Singapore American School (SAS), MM Lee said: "I also had a grandson who could not fit into our schools. He had an IQ of 140, so he is not a stupid boy. But he was having trouble. His brother was scoring and he was not because he was dyslexic and he had to learn two languages - English and Chinese.

"So, the Education Ministry allowed him to opt out of the system. We did not have the specialist teachers to cater for people like him. He joined the SAS and at your school, your teachers helped him cope with his dyslexia and in the process restored his self esteem and confidence, and he's done well. Your staff support the American community and they have brought benefits to Singaporeans. Thank you." - CNA/ir

Following comments received from Robert Ho...

RH: Most rules are draconian and ill-conceived by LKY and this one rule by his Ministry of Education had to be broken purely for the sake of his grandson.

Prior to his grandson, allegedly with the IQ of 140, probably tested with tests designed for Americans as most are, so a well-read and well-schooled boy from our system has far superior advantage compared to the lazy Americans and other whites who spend all their time playing and dancing to MTV, etc, the MOE refused all requests for Singaporean parents to let their children study in the American School. Then, when this grandson, from SingTel's Lee Hsien Yang, if I remember correctly, found that he could not fit and compete effectively in Singapore's tought educational system, he wanted to opt out and the MOE Rule was broken for him to attend SAS.

Proves that when you are related to LKY, no rules can apply to you. After Lee Hsien Yang's son was allowed to attend SAS, other Singaporean parents were tokenly allowed in as well. Also, why SAS? Why not other good local dyslectic schools? Reason, LKY wanted yet another opportunity to prostitute to the Americans. He has such faith in the American system and wanted to his grandson to be the tool for him to burnish his prostituting relations with the Americans.

He succeeded so well that now, as this article proves, he got a chance to speak at the SAS and meet Herbold. His grandson was thus just another tool for his prostitution to the Americans. Note: There are many local dyslexia schools in Singapore but LKY wanted his grandson to be a tool for his American prostitution.


rench00 said...

hmm... i'm curious what RH meant by saying that LKY is "guilty of 1964 riot deaths". how is LKY "guilty of 1964 riot deaths"?

soci said...

RH does seem to go off on tangents at times.

Was LKY ever tried in a court of law? I don't think so.

In fact I might remove the RH comments after the piece.

Anonymous said...

it was reported as LHY's son. But acc to my mom, it is LHL's son, who was given birth by his first wife instead.

Anonymous said...

what a foul distasteful language to use..........anyway this post is one of the rare ones which i really detest reading......its foul and really malicious....perhaps it might be true.....but do the authors have to be so malicious as to slander???

Anonymous said...

quoting, "t was reported as LHY's son. But acc to my mom, it is LHL's son, who was given birth by his first wife instead." it isnt LHL's son, LHL's son is in nus at the moment. the one by his first wife. u should get ur mother to check her facts. not being insulting here. just objective.

Anonymous said...

By all means make a fair observation, disagree, pretend to be objective. But spewing forth like this and being needless insulting? You have completely lost it in your last few paragraphs.