30 Apr 2006

SDA candidate Steve Chia says govt not transparent on NKF, reserves

Singapore Democratic Alliance's (SDA) Steve Chia, who is contesting Chua Chu Kang, has accused the PAP government of not being transparent.

He was referring to what had happened at the NKF.

"If TT Durai did not sue SPH (Singapore Press Holdings), let me ask you, will our PAP ministers still be praising the NKF, Mr TT Durai and urging people to continue donating to the old NKF? If TT Durai did not sue SPH, would they, our world class ministers, know all the wrongdoings in NKF?” challenged Steve Chia, SDA candidate for Chua Chua Kang.

"Our world class ministers are led blindly by a charity organisation. It is an honest mistake and the ministers say we were all conned by them and apologised. Is that all? When the government makes mistakes, they apologise. Don't you think more should be done?" asked Mr Chia

Meanwhile, speaking at an SDA rally at Tampines Stadium on Saturday evening, the party's candidate for the single seat of Yio Chu Kang Mr Yip Yew Weng said the SDA is not out to form the next government.

They goal is to check on the government formed by the PAP.

"In this election, we are not aiming to form the next government. Our 20 candidates are not enough to form the government so that's not an issue. What we aim to do is keep an eye on the PAP to ensure they govern Singapore well. Let the PAP form the government, let them distribute the money. But nobody is perfect and the NKF is a case in point. We must not let such an incident take place again," said Yip Yew Weng, SDA candidate for Yio Chu Kang.

- CNA /ls

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