21 Apr 2006

Talking Point: Foreign Talent


Matilah_Singapura said...

Alright Dr Phil! You da man!

The doors of immigration should be opened WIDER, to allow more devil-may-care attitude "imagineers" and eccentric brilliant crazy people into the island.

At the very least they'd bring with them a spirit of liberty.

The more anarchists Singapore has - to cock a snook at authority, the more vibrant the island.

Singapore needs the shit kicked out of it, and the biggest turd in the soup tureen - which has too many chefs to begin with - is kiasuism - that carcinogenic type of narrow-minded, hung up selfishness.

Let the market decide! May rational selfishness and egoism prevail, and the "pursuit of happiness" be the new mantra!

enjoybeingblow said...

we already welcome so many hookers from oversea, more should come, but must have good blowjobs talent in them... PAP are already filled with alot of them , dont mind a few 1000 more, ha ha...