23 Apr 2006

Thais To Rally in San Francisco to Stop the Thaksin Regime

Thais To Rally in San Francisco to Stop the Thaksin Regime

Next Saturday, April 22th at 12pm

Exhausted by Thaksin's shameless corruption, obstruction of justice, deception, and dishonesty?

Take control of our own destiny and be part of a sustained international movement to uproot the Thaksin Regime!

Send signals to the international community that Thaksin's puppet government must leave now!

And let Temasek, a.k.a the Singaporean government, know that their takeover of Shin Corp. is not a smart investment after all.

Meet at noon on April 22th at 595 Market Street, San Francisco, one block from the Montgomery BART exit

Feel free to be creative with your banners and placards!

This blitz rally should take approx. 10 minutes. We would gather, take photos, give interviews to reporters, and part. The purpose is to wield people's power through international media and not to disrupt San Francisco pedestrians! So, you can even hop from the rally to the soccer game!

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antipathy said...

do u realize this is a case whereby the rich minority are trumping over the largely poor majority?