1 May 2006

Workers Party Rally, Hougang, 30 April 2006

Ms Sylvia Lim Swee Lian (In English):

Runtime: 06:01
The image is blank and not worth the broadband, but the audio is strong. First spotted this on Sgrally.


Anonymous said...

Look, so interesting!

goh criticised that chiam is old.

Please note:
Quote from Dhammapada

Death comes anytime.
Death strikes anyone, be it young or old.
Death is inevitable.
We leave everything behind except our karma will go with us to next life.


Next, minilee says zhi cho chang ler (contentment is happiness).

Yes, fully agree but why the need to win 83 seats out of 84, if not "clean sweep"?

Isn't it very contradicting?

In that case, eric low and sitoh yihpin should not contesting with the oppo and goh can stop pushing his butt around. Leave the oppo alone. PAP and non-pap will "Stay together, Move forward".

Anonymous said...

Also, the gomez issue could come to a halt. GY and WKS stop harping on it. So meaningless. so tired of you all complaining on this.

Anonymous said...

since they want to open 2 casinos. the problem of loan sharks harrassment is a bigger issue than the nomination form.

True experience from one family
Someone reported to the police sometimes towards end of last year about the harrassment by the loan sharks numerous times. The policemen literally and verbally said that it was "not possible to catch them" on the spot.

From the reporting time till now, it is about 5-6 months. So far, two letters from the police station were received and they confirmed "unable to pursue the case further".

And there are many reported cases in the newspapers and the media as well as many unreported cases of this problem, does it warrant for the opening of casinos, not one but two?

As observed, gambling, drinking and prostitution are three "close brothers holding hand-in-hand".

Furthermore, also notice more and more illegal tourists working as prostitutes in chinatown, geylang and joo chiat, can we afford to have the opening of casinos to add more problems to our society, given the fact that it is an "unsolvable" problem bec the police are unable to catch any of the loan sharks?

Despite the rules and regulations in place are in place, but still it is a threat to the society.

Well, perhaps, we truly need to think more carefully before going ahead with the opening of the casinos. Do you all agree?

dh said...

You can see the PAP distancing themselves from the NRIC issue as opposed to the Gomez one. Both involved the Elections Dept, so why the double standards huh? If I knew my IC was freely dispensed out onto the streets, I would be suspcicious of the electoral system. I would wonder if my vote is secret. And since Wong Kang Seng said if the system is ever found to be in doubt, they would have to look into it just, like they have been into the Gomez controversy. Maybe the PAP can do us all a favor and look really hard into the ICs issue like the the rabid dogs that they have been.

Anonymous said...

The gov't spent billions luring foreign talents to our biotech sector, and they spend less on our healthcare? That's ridiculous.. Oh, but I can see PM's Lee's reply now, "WE are spending billions on the biotech sector, so they can produce immortality pills for you old undead people! MM Lee is a living example, he took the first one!! The one he took cost us a few billion man! Me, I've booked the second pill!"

Ha ha. Or maybe all our health care dollars goes toward stem cell injections for the old man.

Disclaimer: ISD, IDA, MDA, I'm just kidding!

Anonymous said...


steve chia -- POWER!

Anonymous said...

Message from Sammyboy forum:

Dear SPH journalists,

After seeing how you display the highest level of journalistic professionalism in handling James Gomez case, I would like to provide you a chance to get the biggest scoop of all time.

The NKF's Ong Su Ying is the niece of Mah Bow Tan!

Go and take a look again of her role in the NKF affairs. Go and find out why she was not charged by the MOM!


Anonymous said...

If China can do this why not singapore?

Time is GMT + 8 hours
Posted: 02 May 2006 1515 hrs

China to slash price of 160 drugs to ease healthcare burden

BEIJING : China is planning to slash the prices of 160 drugs, most of them foreign-made, in a bid to reduce the mounting financial healthcare burden for ordinary citizens, state media said.

The National Development and Reform Commission, the country's top planning agency, decided on the cuts after carrying out an investigation of the price of drugs compared against the cost of producing them, the China Daily reported.

"Pharmaceutical factories commonly jack up the price of their products to gain huge profits, and those soaring prices have been blamed as a key reason for the hefty costs of medical treatment," the paper said.

Of the 160 drugs facing price cuts, 130 were foreign-made, according to the paper.

The report did not identify any of the drugs. It also did not say by how much the prices would be slashed, or whether the price reduction would be compulsory.

China's healthcare system has been almost entirely privatized in recent years, turning clinics and hospitals into businesses that see it as their main mission to make money.

The result has been a steep rise in healthcare costs for ordinary Chinese families.

This, along with the disappearance of other welfare benefits such as education, has been identified as a major cause behind sluggish consumption as people, worried about the future, save a large part of their income.