12 May 2006

PAP MP accused of unprofessional legal conduct while he was MP

Interesting questions from Yawning Bread.

Another case that puts our domestic media in very bad light is that of lawyer Ahmad Khalis Abdul Ghani. It was reported on 11 May 2006 that he is scheduled to appear before a Court of Three Judges over allegations of unprofessional conduct.

He has been accused of giving "false assurances", a role in "breach of trust" and "suppressing relevant evidence", according to the Straits Times. All this was in relation to his client's family dispute about the ownership of a piece of property.

Ahmad Khalis was the People's Action Party (PAP) Member of Parliament for Hong Kah. He first entered Parliament in 2001, but when the 2006 elections approached, it was announced that he would "retire" due to "work commitments".

It is very unusual for PAP MPs to serve just one term, but typically, our media didn't investigate. Now it's revealed that a complaint against him had been lodged with the Law Society in April 2003 and a hearing was conducted in October 2004, which "culminated in the recent decision to bring the former MP to the High Court".

The Straits Times didn't say when that decision was reached.

It's extremely suspicious. One finds it very hard to believe that nobody delayed the news until the elections were over. Did the newspaper know about it and not report it?

If the newspaper didn't know, did the Law Society hold back on announcing its decision?

Did the PAP know that Ahmad Khalis was under a cloud when it said that he wasn't standing for reelection because of "work commitments"? Does the PAP understand the expression "work commitments" to include facing charges?


Anonymous said...

So this MP actually lied when he said just before GE that he is stepping down from his MP post (quote) "because of work committments". HAHAHA! How does PAP through their super stringent screening come up with such so-called men of integrity in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Another MP that served only one term is Dr Chong Weng Chew who got into parliament uncontested under Tanjong Pagar GRC. Dropped after just one term, I wonder what is the stroy there?

Anonymous said...

Would the old man want to sue this ex-MP for lying?

Anonymous said...

I think the case has been rested against Gomez.

- Impassioned Singaporean

Anonymous said...

Yes, gomez's case has come to an end. The ex-MP has also lied, isn't it? In principle, do the PM and the old man want to sue this ex-MP? If not, then why make such a big fuss over a piece of paper when the ED had already allowed him to enter the nomination hall for registering and reporting himself to stand for election. In view of this, the ED would deemed the issue was not a problem at all; otherwise, they should stop him from even entering the nomination hall!!

This is obviously out of ............

Matilah_Singapura said...

Dishonesty and impropriety in the LEGAL profession?

Surely you jest sir!

Hanafi Harron said...

Yawning Bread is so gay like all of you anonymous cowards. Has he heard the term, "innocent till proven guilty"? Please give people (even PAP) their basic rights!