31 May 2006

Malu-lah, Mati-lah—Seditious Speech As Entertainment

The text and video are from Lee Cane You. A new blog by someone who appears to be immune from the self-censorship virus.

I added the music and the titles. The moving footage was cut from Martyn See's great, but disturbing documentary Singapore Rebel which is BANNED in Singapore. It was supposed to be screened at a Singapore film festival, but the festival director was threatened by Thugs Of The State. In my view, there is no loss of honour if one capitulates to absolute power who cannot, or will not differentiate between bullying and justice. Producing political films is BANNED in Singapore. Yessir folks, another violation of individual and property rights by the good-old-state and its tin-pot despots. I urge you to help Martyn See by signing the petition. To visit Martyn See's blog click here.

Frankly, I'm EMBARRASSED that Singaporeans have resorted to "begging" their government for liberty. In any "civilised" country, the government terrorcrats who bully peaceful citizens would be arrested, charged in court and thrown into jail—where they so rightfully belong.

Update May 25, 2006: Audio mp3 of the music in podcast format here. [mp3]

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