9 May 2006

Elections Department says overseas voters do matter

FYI regarding overseas voters:

Responding to queries on overseas voting, the Elections Department reiterated that overseas voters do matter even though this time, the overseas votes are counted after the results are out.

The Department said if local votes for a particular electoral division had been inconclusive, then the announcement of the result would have been deferred till overseas votes are counted.

But in this election, the winning margin based on the local votes counted was clearly higher than the total overseas votes for every constituency so there was no need to delay the declaration of results.

Overseas votes will still be counted and added to the local votes - and the total number will then be published in the Government Gazette later.


Anonymous said...

Of course overseas votes matter. If the PAP loses a GRC, the overseas votes can be used to overturn the result! They sure are ingenuous huh

Anonymous said...

What a joke! Of course, the voters that live abroad may not be as gullible and vote against the PAP - so easy solution, do not count the votes! We so stupid, gove so smart.

jOlYnNN said...

Din u guys notice that those news about foreign voters stays in China?? probably CNA is doing very well there.. so access to those people is rather easy.

And why CNA is doing well there? probably u might wanna make a guess then.

Anonymous said...

majority voted for pap - why not pap? these voters could only access to cna and read all those bias reporting.

Anonymous said...

"majority voted for pap - why not pap? these voters could only access to cna and read all those bias reporting."

Just for your information, I'm living abroad and I'm reading this right now.

Australia jin said...

My partner could not vote as she is overseas as a student and this does not qualify as reasonable grounds to be out of the country (unlike military service or government approved work).
Also voters were only able to vote in the capital cities of some countries. Even when there are Singaporian government high commissions in other cities.
Its really depressing to see that the votes don't even matter anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5/11/2006 05:37:43 AM

But not everyone like you stumble into this blog.

mytinyt said...

if they give a breakdown of those who voted, its probably because many of these voters are employees/staff posted overseas from govt linked companies & govt org. So it is not surprising that the votes are skewed.