12 May 2006

Sign the Petition!

This is outrageous. Calling Gomez up 3 times for interrogation with each session lasting 3 to 5 hours over such a small matter is presposterous! Would like to call upon the police force to channel more efforts to investigate other criminal offences that requires more attention rather than spending so much time on the Gomez fiasco. Is not productive and a sheer waste of taxpayers money! The PAP ought to feel ashamed of themselves. Using the police as a tool to satisfy their own agenda.


Anonymous said...

Yes, they should spend more time to revise the election system - reduce the GRC to only 3 candidates, reduce deposit for candidancy, allow all overseas citizens to vote without discrimination and most impt of all, less bureaucratic.

In fact, ED should be run by an independent party - no relation with the garmen to ensure a true and fair election process and to be witnessed by international watchdogs as transparency.

One more thing, have they investigated the revealing of i/c no. on the polling cards sent to the residents?? No news so far!!

clyde said...

Just like they spent taxpayer money investigating 'white elephants'...

Evidently the police have too much time on their hands. I suggest a Dunkin Donut franchise as a solution.

Jacqui C. said...

And shy away from far more urgent and important issues, such as repeat incidences of stray cat abuses and deaths that have been occuring at certain neighbourhoods recently. When reported by witnesses and well-meaning residents what do the men in blue say? "Too little evidence to investigate, there's not much we can do" with a obligatory shrug.

Blood on walls? Dead carcasses lining void decks/carparks/decorating trees even? Kittens with nose bleeds that led to their subsequent deaths? Eye-witness accounts of people abusing/torturing animals with intent to maim?

No evidence? Really?

Nothing they can do? Are you kidding?!

The missing form fiasco is worth more than the lives of hundreds of cats put together, since whiteshirts do not 'buy' your votes via sympathy and compassion for stray cats and other animals.

Anonymous said...

This is a joke. Look at the list of names who signed on the petition - NUS, Malcolm X? You expect anyone to take it seriously? Let's not even begin talking about some of the comments left there.

Please, if you want to help the cause, either sign it "without fear and favour" and sign off properly, or don't do it at all.

And, 2109 out of a 1.22m strong electorate (without considering the other uncontested constituencies) is peanuts.

- Impassioned Singaporean

Anonymous said...

2109 out of anything under the current circumstances is NOT peanuts.

Since it is a form that anyone can sign, who knows, maybe some PAP people also come to the site to sign in funny names that other PAP people can use later to discredit the whole thing?

Anonymous said...

its an idiotic wayang! why need a minority cert. when all NRIC has race stated?

Anonymous said...

what an efficient system - first world class??????

lee hsien tau said...

They don't recruit the best candidates i assure you. They only recruit yes-men; order takers. But still a fucking waste of money, yes?