13 May 2006

Returning Officer names WP Chairman Sylvia Lim as Non-Constituency MP

SINGAPORE: The Returning Officer for the recent General Election, Mr Tan Boon Huat has declared Workers' Party Chairman, Sylvia Lim as the candidate elected to be the Non-Constituency MP or NCMP.

The declaration was made in a Government Gazette announcement on Friday.

Under the Parliamentary Elections Act, the offer of the post of NCMP would be extended to the team which polled the highest percentage of votes among the unsuccessful opposition candidates.

In this case, the WP team obtained the highest percentage of nearly 44 percent in the Aljunied GRC contest.

The Workers' Party had announced on Tuesday (9 May) that it is naming Ms Lim for the post.

This is the third time the WP is taking up the NCMP post, the last being former Secretary General, Mr JB Jeyatertnam and Dr Lee Siew Choh from the party. - CNA /dt


As sad as it is that WP is once again relegated the NCMP seat, I am glad that it is a woman, for a change. Hopefully by next election, she will become a MP.


Anonymous said...

This will give the Worker's Party more visibility as Sylvia Lim has a lot of support from Aljunied and does represent the 44% who supported her and her WP team during GE2006.

While some other forummers have opinied that the WP which is against the NCMP scheme is "selling out", others see this as a balancing between listening to the ground which supports Sylvia taking up NCMP to better give a voice to alternative views and help shape policy debate in a sea of white foam that permeates parliamentary proceedings.

Anonymous said...

as one of the ppl in aljunied who contributed to the 44%, i'm glad she has taken up the post. and my fingers r crossed for her in 2011.

Anonymous said...

when we can't fight the system, we shld use the system. Sylvia deserves this seat - period.

Anonymous said...

WP already took up the NCMP seat when JBJ was in charge - and none other than JBJ himself took it up.