23 May 2006

Amnesty International Report 2006

This Amnesty International Report documents human rights abuses in 150 countries around the world. It highlights the need for governments, the international community, armed groups and others in positions of power or influence to take responsibility. It also reflects the vitality of human rights activists globally, whether in local initiatives, international summits or mass demonstrations.

And this is what it has to say about Singapore:
Freedom of expression and assembly continued to be curbed. Thirty-six men were held without charge or trial under the Internal Security Act (ISA). Death sentences were imposed and eight people were executed. Jehovah’s Witnesses continued to be imprisoned for conscientious objection to military service. Criminal offenders were sentenced to caning.

The threat of potentially ruinous civil defamation suits against opponents of the PAP continued to inhibit political life.

The threat of prosecution, and uncertainty over the boundaries of permissible public debate, contributed to a climate of self-censorship.

Restrictions on freedom of assembly also inhibited peaceful civil society activity.

Click here to the full report on Singapore or here for the main index of the report.


Calamity Man said...

here's something i put up on my blog: http://the-commentator.blogspot.com/2006/05/save-common-sense.html

Amnesty Int'l is involved as well.

it's about this iranian girl who got the death sentence for defending herself and another girl against men who tried to rape them.

it just doesn't make sense.

she's due to have the sentence imposed on her a few days ago but i hope it didnt happen. i dont know.

sadly, this is just one of many, many human rights abuses that happen in the world today.

but like they say, if we could just save one starfish by throwing it back into the sea...

Anonymous said...

Again an extremely worrying report for this tiny little Island.
I now fear unless the government begin to take notice of the string of bad publicity from societies and newspapers around the world, we are heading for trouble.Bad publcity eventually begins to damage. OK we are doing OK thank you,however, the day will come when Governments start asking questions as to the safety of Singapore. It only takes the stroke of a pen to close an international company based in singapore. think about this.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't think it would change anything.

Companies (like MNC's) are motivated by profit. That's it. If they close and move elsewhere, they do so because of the lack of profit—or better profit potential by moving to a "cheaper" territory.

Business likes a "peaceful" environment to operate in. In an inter-connected and highly politicised planet, local political stability is crucial to commercial activity.

HOW this "peace" is achieved in S'pore is the worrisome thing. Lee Kuan Yew's "method" is to wrest the rights of individuals and command them to "behave". A "command economy"? Quite possibly.

Einstein pointed out that human stupidity is infinite.

The majority of people continue to vote for the PAP and don't really care (I don't buy the "climate of fear" argument in total) when the PAP hammers a few "dissidents" who step out of the nationalistic line.

Amnesty Int. msut be asleep. The people get the govt they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Yes and no Matilda, France is a very religious righteous place.They have been looking at their companies here in Singapore, and if the present level of criticisms continue to mount, a Catholkic boo in the country is going to say, enough is enough, move the company to Hiong Kong or Malaysia, pull out of singapore. Once one or two companies move, the Island will collapse like a pack of cards.Whatever the power of government, eventually the population will retaliate. It only takes just too many paycuts, and despite the laws, its down tools and devil take the hindemast.
And you cannot sayn this Island is stable with so many complaints from the outside world.

Anonymous said...

i read singapore's constitution briefly online. my impression was that we singapore citizens basically agree to exchange some freedoms to form a secure state.

maybe it's time to change this social compact.

Anonymous said...

I have spent many week reading this blog and its comments.
gentlemen, don't waste your time writing about your feelings. There is only one way to fight the PaP and government, it's out on the streets, demonstrating your hatred for the present regime.
Unless we protest and fight hand to hand, Singapore citizens will never win. And as time goes bye you wuill be more and more controlle.
So Islanders if you have possess the balls, make a fight of it.