13 May 2006

MM Lee: James Gomez is still liar, dishonest despite stern warning

Several thousand miles away, and still cursing:

CHINA : Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew says the attorney-general's decision not to prosecute Workers' Party member James Gomez does not make him less of a liar or less dishonest.

In a statement released from China, where he is currently on a visit, Mr Lee reiterated what he had called Mr Gomez earlier.

The Minister Mentor had said that Mr Gomez was a liar and dishonest and that Workers' Party chairman Sylvia Lim and the party secretary-general Low Thia Khiang did not act honourably by shielding him.

Mr Lee added that if Mr Gomez claims he is not a liar nor dishonest, he can go to court to clear his name.

Earlier on Friday, Mr Gomez had been let off with a stern warning for threatening an Elections Department officer, ending a three week long saga.

Investigations by police started after a complaint by the Elections Department against Mr Gomez on May 6.

Police said that after reviewing the evidence, the Public Prosecutor was satisfied that Mr Gomez had used threatening words towards a public servant.

He could have been fined up to $5,000 or jailed up to one year.

But police decided it would let Mr Gomez go with a warning instead, as he had been cooperative and had not committed any previous criminal offences.

The saga revolved around Mr Gomez's claim that he had applied for a minority candidate certificate at the Elections Department before the May 6 General Election.

Security camera footage from the Elections Department later showed that he did not submit the application form but instead put it into his bag.

Mr Gomez subsequently admitted he did not hand in the form and apologised, saying he was distracted.

But People's Action Party leaders found his apology inadequate and accused him of lying and trying to discredit the Elections Department.

"It is in the AG's authority to exercise his discretion, but his decision not to prosecute does not, in any way, make James Gomez less of a liar or less dishonest. I reiterate what I have called him, a liar and dishonest, and that Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Low Thia Khiang did not act honourably by shielding him. If Gomez claims he is not a liar nor dishonest, he can go to court to clear his name," said Mr Lee in his statement.


A first-time offender should be no excuse for minimalising the severity of a crime. Nor is a simple 'warning' warranted when there is no crime to begin with. It is the exact same tactic used earlier on CSJ when he tried to leave the country. At least he had the courage to stand up for himself and challenge the police to charge him. Acceptance of such warnings is wrongful confession to the crime itself.

I am ashamed at how the supposed 'father' of Singapore has handled this issue. I am ashamed at his lack of compassion. I am ashamed that this is whom Singaporeans are suppose to look up to. I am ashamed that he cannot accept an apology, let go of a grudge, and yet allow his son to deal out an apology with automatic expectation of public acceptance. Above all, I am ashamed all this is over a piece of paper.


soci said...

How in the name of god does no one inform MMLee to quietly step aside. With the deepest respect and envy that I have regarding Sg and MMLee and the powerful economic effect as a result of PAP policies, please let your son do the talking. Talking that is more likely to connect with the freedom envious youth of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

if he goes now, it strengthens his son's hand "I can tell my dad to go, so you guys behave"; it also allows him to recover from the "fix" remark

otherwise, several years' talk about openness etc has all gone down the drain and it would take a long time before the idea can be re-established

Anonymous said...

Obviously some people just don't know when to quit. I honestly don't see what else he can contribute. For all the talk of leadership renewal, somehow the concept does not seem to apply to him. As usual its one set of rules for the royal family and another for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

So Sad, so old and still dunno how to let it go... no wonder still clinging on at this age... hmm, maybe that's his secret to his long life... :P

Anonymous said...

"It is the exact same tactic used earlier on CSJ when he tried to leave the country. At least he had the courage to stand up for himself and challenge the police to charge him. Acceptance of such warnings is wrongful confession to the crime itself."

Clap clap clap! I totally agree. Dr Chee is doing the right thing by telling his tormentors "charge me if you think i did any wrong." Because anything less from Chee (or now Gomez) would dignify the unjust accusations and aspersions on Gomez's integrity.

Anonymous said...

gomez did mess up, and he has a job to go to

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hope that the old lee will read this and be more enlightened upon reading. He has in fact done alot for singapore already and has created extensive merits. We appreciate it. However, it would be a pity and unwise if one does not learn to let go. By already created extensive merits, believe one will take on a good rebirth but do not just let one bad action of attachment to errode its merits.

pity_lky said...

much as i have a bit (just a little bit) of admiration the man, he is presently droning about the past, a very distant past, which is his favourite past time story. Dont see much point in him exposing his completely irrelevant past & trying to get mileage as in yesteryears..quite pitiful actually. Still using some weak arguments to make his points, try so hard to make it seem his stories are relevant today...sad..he will bury himself & his reputation before he hits the ground. And to sue in what court?? in Spore?? with Spore media covering it?? Wise that Gomez did not take the bait. The best weapon is to ignore the old man completely. No answer, no comments...it will really hurt the man.

Anonymous said...

in short, must leave with good kama

Anonymous said...

I am not happy that LKY is carrying on and on about Gomez even after the police has completed their investigation without charging him.

I am not happy that the police/AGC was able to ascertain that Gomez is "guilty" of using threatening language against a civil servant when it is up to the courts to decide.

I am not happy that 66.6% of the population is of the view that state/PAP harrassment of innocents is warranted and that they will continue to vote in a party that subverts the system of justice to its own ends.

I am not happy...

Anonymous said...

oh what irritant!!!!! this is the most childish epsiode singapore can come out with. it is already embarassing that the police need one full week to reach a conclusion that there is no case, in fact, it is embarassing that the police even bothered in the first place. now with that old man travelling around the world ... and god knows what kind of stinky deal is he getting singapore into again with china, he is still biting and refusing to let go on the gomez case. the problem is there is practically no one in singapore that can win a case against him ....... and hence we can only wait patiently..... there is one thing he cannot win in life .... and it start with D.

Anonymous said...

I doubt everyone who voted PAP agrees with every action; I rather think the majority of MPs and ministers would rather that the whole thing went away

GCT originally did not want to talk about Gomez at all, but was "convinced" by WKS about the importance of the issue; LHL himself only talked about it once or twice, and finally put a stop to it two days before voting day; presumably WKS and George Yeo were ordered by LKY to keep talking about it, for nearly a week, while discussion on other issues came to a stop

jOlYnNN said...

Ya, tats wat makes me hate the mouth of george yeo.. tink they need one tight slap. Don't think they'll repent anyway..

Especially that grandpappy, wonder if his brain is lagged for 50 years.. I guess LHL is very much in disagreement with grandpappy's tactic.

But wat to do? They promote filial piety, so son must listen to grandpappy, if not the PAP logo will turn it on the son.. so, WAT TO DO?!

john said...

Will someone please wipe all that froth off MM Lee's mouth? I fear he may choke on it and die.

fudgh said...

If PM Lee wants to consolidate his authority, he has to give Old Lee and WKS the boot. WKS seems more loyal to Old Lee than to the PM himself. Old Lee said "give me a bloody report," and WKS churns out an 11 page one!!

Anyway, who is Old Lee kidding? Gomez's name was cleared when the AG decided not to prosecute! Who in his right mind would want to face MM Lee in court?

Anonymous said...

if PAP set up a senate, it would give old folks somewhere to go and make noises; if it uses proportionate representation, then opposition parties have a place to make noise while the lower house can have clean sweep; senate can elect the president, instead of having the 3 men committee decide

LuckySingaporean said...

I totally disagree, what Gomez did is criminal and evil. The civil servants had sleepless nights because of him. Gomez should be jailed.

He should be grateful to be released by the police and AG. He should thank everyone, but knowing him he is an ungrateful unsavory character.

I suggest his release a statement like the following:


I want to thank the police for letting me off with a stern warning. I'm appreciative because criminal intimidation through wagging a finger and harsh words is a jailable offence in Singapore. I understand my actions has cause terrible distress to the civil servants whose greatest agony in life until that day was deciding where to go for holidays at the end of year. My finger wagging must have shocked them terribly.

I would like to thank the MM for only calling me a liar and making me look dishonest....because he called Chee all that plus gangster, fraud and cheat. MM Lee has been so kind to give me such a big discount. He is so gracious and is a true asset to this 1st world govt.

I would like to thank Wong Kan Seng for showing that video of me so many times. I know I look good, but the security camera distorted my face because of its position. May I suggest that it be relocated to shoot from eye level.

I would like to thank the Elections Dept for NOT losing my applications form. I know that simple things like a receipt or acknowledgement or reminders are too much to ask but still I suggest that instead of using the camera to verify every time there is a dispute. I would like to suggest that the Elections Dept issue Minority Certificate that don't expire. I know that some people try to change their race through genetic skin alteration, but I promise not to do it in my lifetime.

Most of all I would like to thank all the Singaporeans who attended my rally. Although I spoke from the stage, I was not stage acting. I have spent half my life time studying the issues that concern Singaporeans like the 'new poor' and declining quality of life. I was hoping to represent you in parliament but 56% of Aljunied residents prefer upgrading to having a real representative in parliament. I will not harbour any ill feelings against them, it is their democratic right to vote for the blue multicolored dolphin fountain that the PAP promised them. I hope they spend many hours looking at it and let their frustrations with rising cost of living melt away as the multicolored lights mesmerise them.

Good bye. I have to go to Sweden now to meet up with my SISSY (Sweden Intimidation Secret Society for Youths

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a small country - full of people with small brain, small mind and small heart.

Matilah_Singapura said...

>> I am ashamed at how the supposed 'father' of Singapore has handled this issue. I am ashamed at his lack of compassion.<<

However, I hope you support his right, like everyone elses right, to freedom of speech.

Matilah_Singapura said...

soci said...

>> How in the name of god does no one inform MMLee to quietly step aside.<<

Simple. Ask him nicely, and then if he refuses SACK him.

He is an EMPLOYEE. And employees can be fired.

Democratically: stage a "no confidence" campaign. Lean on the president and parliament.

clyde said...

His right to rant away in China never crossed my mind. He has his right equally as I have mine to think of him as I please. Just as I have the right to find his role as a 'father' figure quickly fading.

Anonymous said...

he's senile - 82 yrs old! living now as second childhood, you know how a child behaves

Anonymous said...

The man whose life full of supidity, hatred, uncompassionate and lack of living kindness. he will gain unhappiness life..... he is living in suffering realm .

wish you have a happy day . MM Lee
May i share my merit with you .MM Lee

Anonymous said...

MM Lee...i think you are the WORST LIAR of ALL....GRC + SECRECY in VOTE are ALL YOUR GREAT LIES...to maintain your POLITCAL POWER.

And you can even LIE without a BLINK, you can LIE thinking that you are RIGHT!

So who is the MOST PROFESSIONAL LIAR of all...?!

What a DISGRACE, you are already 82, but still cannot OPEN UP your MIND!

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow petitioners please email to :
to highlight the human rights abuse of Jamez Gomez. The more people who email them, the more it would become an international issue. Thank you.

Socaps said...

I am saddened by MM Lee's unforgiving attitude on the Gomez's saga. He has already been let off by the competent authority with a stern warning, but MM Lee persists in taunting Ms. Sylvia Lim, Mr. Low Thia Khiang and Mr. James Gomez.

If the late John Paul II could show great magnanimity in pardoning Mr. Mehmet Ali Ağca, the would-be assassin who critically wounded him in an assassination attempt, I simply do not understand why MM Lee cannot do likewise to Gomez for his misconduct which was not life threatening.

I really can't determine who has committed a more serious wrong doing. Was it Mr. Agca or Mr. Gomez?
For that matter, how I wish Daniel, the prophet who was known for his wisdom and righteousness, were still around to advise us.

Instead of fretting over this issue, I may as well remind myself that bearing a grudge and seeking revenge are never appropriate responses to a perceived wrong. A grudge destroys the grudge-holder with bitterness; revenge only escalates hostilities.

Clyde said...

Well, the new layout was awesome... right until comment #27.

GhostRider said...

Yeah. The layout is cool.

Some people might have the thought that Singaporeans are petty, difficult and like to complain a lot.

Somewhow this episode reminds me of the fuss made by some Singaporeans in restaurants and boutiques over minor matters..

soci said...

Thanks clyde. trying to iron out any bugs at the minute and please be patient as I am not a programmer.

lee hsien tau said...

Ever since I heard James Gomez had his passport and boarding pass impounded, and his sorry ass prevented from leaving for Sweden, I have been staring at the ceiling, the words 'what the fuck' pounding through my brain. And it is Section 506 & 507 of the penal code that had got me near berserk. I had to write this.

I was slapped with 8 email harassment charges back in 2000. Because 8 email harassment charges couldn't have kept me locked up, Investigating Officer Oem Prakash Singh of Clementi Police Division (hereafter referred to as 'the modern singh') slapped an additional charge of criminal intimidation on me so as to raise the bail amount the judge then pegged at $50K (the same amount which, may I remind you, TT Durai is presently running around loose on). Of course the modern singh counted on me not having a bailer with $50K, so I spent 5 months inside awaiting trial.

The excuse for the criminal intimidation charge was a phone call I made to Koh Chong Huat (a cousin of mine) telling him in exact words 'You are 50+, sooner or later, you have to die'. I thought it was a given, nothing being more certain than death and taxes, that reminding somebody, anybody, of his age couldn't possibly constitute a criminal offense, especially since the guy was actually 50+ (I'd admit Lee Kuan Yew may be offended to be reminded of his age, and that death was likely to be knocking on his door anytime, but not enough to constitute a criminal offense, especially when he's going to be continuing to be having birthday parties, and his cronies are going to be showing up not trying to pretend, I hope, that it is something other than birthdays that they are going to be celebrating.)

But not to digress. The reason why I was locked up was because I had finally found something I was looking for on and off since 1995. And I was showing up at all the awkward places, the CPIB, the Law Society of Singapore, and the Legal Aid. They all found excuses of one sort or another. Sooner or later I was going to latch on to a lawyer, yes?

I latched onto the wrong lawyer, however. Someone by the name of Chiam See Tong. He suggested leaving Hoo Sheau Farn out of the lawsuit, and sue principally Koh Thong (Koh Chong Huat's old man), and Lim Swee Ying (my late father's old hag), and he also told me that he didn't want to figure in the case, and therefore would be helping me sue my relatives in my own name. Who's to know Chiam See Tong would be colluding with Yik Tze Kong, the lawyer representing the respondents to the suit.

Time was of essence. If I wasn't latching onto Chaim See Tong, I would've to latch onto some other lawyer pretty quick. The plan was to have this Chiam See Tong set up a case for me, I land in jail, and the case applied to be struck out by the respondents, the lawyers acting for the parties being in collusion.

So Koh Chong Huat made a complaint against me. That made me a 'wanted' person. And I was supposed to know that (not that I did). Then Yik Tze Kong applied to have the case that Chiam See Tong set up for me struck off by the civil court expecting me not to show up to defend.

But I got arrested at Changi cargo complex going through the check-point reporting to my first day of temporary work. And I was held for 5 months awaiting trial. I made calls to Chiam See Tong then at the police lockup, wrote to Chiam See Tong whilst I was remanded, met Chiam See Tong whilst I was at the Subordinate Court, and Chiam See Tong visited me whilst I was held at Buangkok Chalet, but he wouldn't help me with these fresh charges I was up against, and resisted suggestions that the civil case he was helping me with and the criminal case I was facing were connected.

Topmost in the mind of the modern singh must've been whether I had knowledge of the application by Yik Tze Kong to have the case set up for me by Chiam See Tong struck off. If so, and I apprised the court of the fact, the judge would likely find that I have no case to answer. So was it a coincidence then, that when I was finally released, my laptop and papers pertaining to my civil suit were missing from my rented room, and I had to cough up $50 to get them back, and later, when I thought it wise to ask for a receipt for the $50, was refused, and the $50 returned instead?

Because I was arrested in the wrong sequence, and the all important letter was left undiscovered in my post office mailbox, Yik Tze Kong didn't show up at the civil court to have the civil case set up for me by Chiam See Tong struck out (references to it at my blog).

You may be asking me why the modern singh would have me arrested in the wrong sequence. The modern singh didn't have me arrested. I was arrested by the police division (Bedok) in charge of the Changi cargo complex. I cannot be 'wanted' unless there was an APB out for me. With an APB out on me, it was always possible for me to be arrested in the wrong sequence.

There is a lesson in all this for James Gomez.

Even though I was remanded without having visitors (except for the one-time visit by Chiam See Tong at Buangkok Chalet - now upgraded to Buangkok Recreational Club - where I was also warned by Dr George Fernandez to be careful of what I say in Court or face institutionalization on Christmas Day, 2000 - bloody arse hole showed up just to warn me), and therefore could not otherwise seek representation, had the criminal intimidation charge struck off by the kangaroo of a judge in half a day of deliberation.

The trial was scheduled for a 2 day hearing. There was a lot of shenanigan going on in Remand. I was being threatened (and the irony was that I was in there for Section 506 & 507) such that I was disinclined to drag proceedings beyond the day. All that seemed to be coming out of the mouth of Koh Chong Huat was that he was felt 'very harassed'. For nearly half the morning I was standing in the dock with my hands cuffed behind my back (and who said our legal system was just? and there is no kangaroo jumping around in Court?) until the judge noticed.

The judge was screwing me left and right for everything that was coming out of my mouth until Koh Chong Huat said that he had a pretty good idea who was at the other end of the phone (that being me). The judge made certain he heard right what Koh Chong Huat said, then struck out the criminal intimidation charge. As I'm no lawyer, I don't actually know what the fuck happened. But I will try to figure it out here. Section 506 & 507 cannot be liberally applied or else a Pandora’s Box would be opened, and total anarchy will ensue. There must be a threshold above which genuine fear can reasonably be deemed to be inculcated in the criminally intimidated, such as where the victim doesn't know who is victimizing him. A fear transformed into terror by some unknown quantity.

After that the DPP started to sweat like a pig, and Koh Chong Huat started to need a microphone to be heard, and the judge started turning on me. It was as if a big concession had been made to me, and the kangaroo had begun jumping all over the Court again. The biggest problem going for the trial was Koh Chong Huat needed a microphone, I complained to the judge I couldn't hear him without a microphone, and the judge sitting practically next to Koh Chong Huat couldn't understand what the fuck I was unhappy about (and who said our legal system was just? and there is no kangaroo jumping around in Court?). I was practically forced to abdicate my defense.

The judge offered, before his lunch break, to lynch me on 4 charges of email harassment, if I capitulated, or on all 8, if I continued with my defense. What troubled me was my cousin needing a microphone, the DPP needing a towel, and the kangaroo jumping all over the court room. Something just wasn't right. I wondered what was in my post office box (which had rental renewal coming up), and I didn't want to go back to Remand where I was being threatened. So I capitulated, and the judge fined me $6000, and stretched me for more than 30+ days in lieu (which Dr Chee Soon Juan, may I remind you, got off for just a week).

Out of jail, Chiam See Tong was a little scared to meet me along North Bridge Road outside his law office. Until I had a talk with Chan Fook Meng, I wasn't too clear why. Then there was the 2001 general election. But Chiam See Tong was dragging his feet with the case he was 'helping' me with even after that. So I had to start writing my own letters.

A letter I wrote to Standard Chartered Bank caused Ow Koon Thiam to threaten to sue me for defamation through his lawyer Hoh & Partners (now Hoh Law Corp). So I went along to Chiam See Tong to consult (until I had a talk with Chan Fook Meng, I didn't see why not), and he offered to help me with the defamation suit. Even though I hadn't had my talk with Chan Fook Meng yet, I saw a problem. Chiam See Tong was dragging his feet with my civil suit, did not defend me in my criminal case, and now was offering to represent me in this defamation suit.

I told Chiam See Tong I was getting the hang of it with this Court thing, fresh from my victory against the modern singh and his Section 506 & 507 and all that, and since a defamation suit is something somebody else set up for me, and all I have to do is show up and get fucked by the judge, I'd handle it myself, thank you very much. And I was pressing him to carry on with the original civil suit. I wrote to Ow Koon Thiam's lawyer, a Ms Petula Wong, that I would've been most pleased to see them in Court (and you should read the reply I got at my blog). And you can understand why Chiam See Tong decided to be a full time member of parliament after that. And you can understand why I have a price on my head.

Can you understand why Lee Kuan Yew and Wong Kan Seng are such mother fucking idiots? (and those people who voted for them as well?) If you can gerrymander the laws just to keep yourself in power (for whatever honorable or dishonorable intentions), you cannot then call to account those certainly more dishonorable persons from using the same laws to their own personal advantage.

If Lee Kuan Yew is going to be troubled by James Gomez not suing for being called a liar, the mother fucker is going to have a hard time going to sleep every night. The Cantonment Complex, even if it is re-built into the Cantonment Catacomb, is not going to be able to handle half the lying population asked to show up every day justifying themselves. And would he then be going to be going after Ow Koon Thiam because he didn't after all sue me and SOMETHING HERE IS GENUINELY NOT RIGHT.

And worse still, which fucking moron came up with the idea that Section 506 & 507 would stick on James Gomez when it didn't even glue on me for half a day in Court? And me not even being represented? And should Section 506 & 507 be bounced around all over the place from now on when somebody tells a lie such as when a student is late for school and fib to his principal?

Is James Gomez and his 'lie' such a big issue to the MIW that they have to scrape barrel bottom for something as inappropriate as Section 506 & 507. Or is Lee Kuan Yew trying to cover up for his one, ever, and only election strategy gone berserk (which even the UMNO deceased would be sick of by now). From my own personal affront at the wrong end of Section 506 & 507, I can assure you that everybody in the know, including Dr Chee Soon Juan, just have to be uncontrollably laughing their socks off. And the courtroom is caught between a pit bull and a lapping dog. How is the court ever going to placate Lee Kuan Yew and Wong Kan Seng over the James Gomez non-event without losing its dignity?

I do not pretend to not to know that should Lee Kuan Yew, if he were to read all this, whether he'd pin me up together with Dr Chee and his sister. It would've been my privilege, my honor. Go tell him. I need political asylum to live beyond of next month. There is after all a price on my head, whether I keep my trap shut or not. So I'm not worse off by it.

Lau Lee don't want to lose face in front of his Chinese comrades.