15 May 2006

Brave New World


"But so far, the PAP's Brave New World, in which a pampered and politics-shy public is led by strict but benevolent leaders, seems to make Singaporeans pretty happy." Finally, the barbed reference to Huxley's A Brave New World. I thought it would never come as I read The Economist's typically enjoyable features on politics."


HUAT said...

You guys rock! I've enjoyed this blog very much, it is my political and social ST. Dun believe in paying money for propaganda.

Could somebody write an article (background, history, status etc) on all the brave souls (i.e. francis seow, chia thye poh, JBJ etc) now suffering in silence?

I wish to know more about them, the facts and the details.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Singapore govt is investing intensively in China is worrying. One day, if China Communist Party is overthrown, many Singapore businesses related to the Party won't survive either. SG economy will collaspe too.

It is sad that the Singapore leaders are investing in Myanmar, China etc, putting funds to those repressive rulers. Looks like SG leaders care much about the $$$ made, than the consequences of supporting such repressive rulers...well...coz SG leaders are sort of one themselves.

actually, China Communist Party are even more sophisticated and have many hidden agenda and schemes …It is hard to understand fully how its function. But for sure, their ultimate aim is ‘to maintain its political power’.

Though many think China has opened up, but actually the root of the EVIL China Communist are still there. Opening up… in the sense of only a portion of people getting rich (businesses related to the party etc). Many farmers are still poor, the gap between the rich and poor are wide. In China, they are still restricting freedom in religion etc. Recently, the news of China Communist Party harvesting FALUNGONG Members' ORGANS while they are still ALIVE is horrifying.

You can download
'JiuPing' -
Writings about the China Communist Party and how it works: (its gangster behaviour and brainwashing of citizens to maintain its POLITICAL POWER.)

Many similarities between SG govt and China Communist Party.

to download ‘Jiu Ping' (IN MANY DIFFERENT LANGUAGES):


Anonymous said...

Brave New World is synonymous to George Orwells epic novel 1984. Pappa Lee and his son Mini are living much closer to the crushing fascist government of BIG BROTHER.

If you remember the story, the hero, Winston Smith, single handedly launched a fight against the tyranical government, only to be eventually tortured. His final words were I LOVE BIG BROTHER.

The PAP, launched on a communist bed are showing signs of Orwells professy.

All we lack are the two way tv monitors able to track the movements of our sad population.

Unfortunaytely the average Islander has been brainwashed to the level where he dare not question.

Over the weekende I attended a mixed cultural party, mostly European expats. During the evening a group of Dutch and German colleagues were discussing the election. Two locals a Chinese and a Malay walaked out in temper after accusing us of meddling in Singapore politics. I talked about the hand outs, and the Malaysian lady explained politics were personal in Singapore not to be discussed by outsiders.

Anonymous said...

I will like to point out that the PAP re-elected candidates thank their "Comrades" after the results were announced.Shows something about them huh?

soci said...

"All we lack are the two way tv monitors able to track the movements of our sad population."

you are cuurently on one of the two way tv monitors. look at the webcam and then your computer screen.

chemgen said...

One reason why The Economist feature resonates well is because I feel that BNW is better in describing Singapore than 1984 and Animal Farm. Identifying Singapore as something out of Orwell's dystopias is catchy, but comparatively stale. e.g. BNW's 'Community, Identity, Stability' motto for the Fordian World State is more appropriate than Oceania's "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strengh" in Singapore's political culture. The theme of "soft" sell - conditioning, social engineering, consensus and a culture of increasingly misplaced contentment is also more apt and complex than the overplayed dramatic song of Big Brother is Watching in Singapore.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Orwell's "Animal Farm" is a favourite of local theatre group Wild Rice...

...It's nice to know at least some Singaporeans haven't lost their sense of humour.

Sure, there are those who get their knickers in a twist if "foreigners" discuss S'pore politics.

I suppose we wouldn't be seeing many of them posting here :-)

Oh well... Great. They can stay at home and brainwash their kids.