30 May 2006

Request for Investigation Corrupted Practice concerning General Election 2006

From Sg Review.

date: 05/26/06

from: Yap Keng Ho ,

to: Soh Kee Hean -director Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau

subject: Request for Investigation Corrupted Practice concerning General Election 2006

I took part in GE2006 as Election Agent for candidate Chee Siok Chin of Sembawang GRC wef 10.May.2006, I am also a voter of Tampines GRC, but I am requesting CPIB for an investigation as a member of public. I was prepared to stand for the same election myself but I lack some assenter for the nomination. I am sure you are already aware that miss Chee Siok Chin had already filed complain to Election Judge under parliamentary election act asking for the election to be declared as invalid.

May I bring to your attention that there is possible corrupted practice in GE2006, in that Lee Hsien Loong both as Rep of Singapore PM cum Finance Minister & GE2006 candidate have committed himself in VOTE BUYING during GE2006.

This is in particular through the Progress Package by which voters of entire Singapore had been arranged to receive money payable on 1.May.2006 just few days before the polling. Over a million voters and or their family members had received money ranged from hundreds to thousands of dollars, just days before they had to cast their votes.

This inevitably have the strongest effect of VOTE BUYING, in favor to the ruling party which Lee Hsien Loong and his father Lee Kuan Yew are both belong to, and both stood as candidates for GE2006.

Lee Hsien Loong being the finance minister & Rep of Singapore PM proposed and implemented the Progress Package, through which voters are given S$2.6 billion in total sum, and he is the PM who is almost the only person who can initiate the dissolve of parliament and call for election. And that the dates of withdrawing the Progress Package and the polling day are only apart by less than a week, so the arrangement that voters are given the handout of S$2.6 billion just before casting their vote have to be the intention of Lee Hsien Loong.

The criminal intention of vote buying is further affirmed by Lee Hsien Loong himself in his public statement during the election period as reported by the media that he talked about "fixing the oppositions" and "buying the votes". Please refer to affidavit filed by Chee Siok Chin.

I plea your firm and thorough investigation regarding possible vote buying crime committed by Lee Hsien Loong, and any possible involvement by his father Mentor Lee Kuan Yew in this General Election. Please assure me that your investigation will be fair and of integrity despite the fact that Lees are your direct superiors. CPIB is law enforcement bureau and no one should be above the law. I plea with you to act accordingly to uphold justice and equality.

I request you also to publicly announce your findings after investigation.

As I understand as long as there is any criminal intent an action committed especially involving huge sum of money paid to voters when candidates including Lee Hsien Loong himself stand to be voted and return to power, it is to be regarded strictly as a crime. I believe that many individuals had been charged in Singapore based on their criminal intents, and in Singapore's court it is the accused person's burden to prove that he / she is innocent while being presumed as guilty.

The fact that the S$2.6 billion is not private fund, but entrusted in the care of Lee Hsien Loong under his capacity as PM cum Finance Minister, show that he is in position with the most ability to abuse this fund for the electoral gain of his ruling party PAP as well as his father and himself. This is the fact that had disturbed me the most.

Acting for myself according to my conscience for fairness; justice & equality, I made this request to you as director of Corrupted Practices Investigation Bureau to perform your official duty according to law and constitution of our republic.

Thank You,


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Anonymous said...

IMHO this sounds a pretty dumb thing to do. It's totally the individual's choice to decide which party to vote for. Doesn't mean I can't vote for the opposition parties even if I do like the obvious benefits of the Progress Package, right?

Anonymous said...

It's dumb as far as we all know what is going to happen...the lame organs of state will throw this out with some even lamer reason. *DUH*

Anonymous said...

Singaporean is money hungry people. This is why, PAP easily buying over most of the vote.
have a look...

Anonymous said...

come on... even the police and judges receive their progress packages. So why bother to expose him ??

Anonymous said...

I take my hat off to uncle Yap for taking the trouble to write in to CPIB on an important issue of public concern. His complaint is clear and logical.

Let the public be the judge of CPIB's reply if ever he gets one.

Anonymous said...

I think he was just ranting

it is of course frustrating to the opposition that the government can provide voters with inducements that the opposition cannot, but calling it corruption does not make it so; if there are only one million citizens entitled to get $200 each, but I say there are 1.1 million and keep the extra money myself, that's corruption; if I give more to the relatives and less to others, that's corruption; if I find out who voted for me and give them more money than those who did not, that too can be considered corrupt

Anonymous said...

of course, the lee family are guilty of buying votes, but no more than tony blair in London. the ruling party hold the purse strings and are able to ofrfer any amount of cash to singapore's mindless voters.
remember to singapore money is the one and only god, they7 have nothing else, no class, no asrts, no sporting process.

I have just been on a business trip to Switzerland and when I mentioned I was living in Singapaore, all the locals laughed with the comment, you mean Lee country, his family owns the unfortunate place, such mindless people, always bragging, but with what.
I cringed at the reaction, and felt embarrased at the home truth.

Anonymous said...

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