10 May 2006


[May or may not be a picture of AmicaCuriae.]

For those of you who haven't realised it yet, I need to introduce yet another new contributor. Someone who took over for me at the height of the election fever and together with a few other members did an excellant job ensuring that they and others completely ignored the 'political blogging and podcasting ban'. Well done guys and girls [I assume]. So without further ado I give you AmicaCuriae, who has been posting enthusiastically for the last week or so.

As with most of the contributors they wish merely to be assessed by the topics they write about and how they discuss them. Not who their father or mother is, or what school they attended.


clyde said...

You mean to say that wasn't really you in disguise to throw the PAP off your tail during the elections? :)

Anonymous said...

No, don't think so. Some singaporeans instead. Love sg but not the garmen - don't deserve my appreciation and respect after witnessing with my own eyes during this GE.