7 May 2006

A Sad Encounter with a Resident

(Posted on Sammyboy's forum by an anonymous WP volunteer)

I was with Glenda this afternoon doing our house to house visits in Sengkang, which is part of AMK GRC. We were going about the usual thing..climbing stairs, knocking on doors, distributing our party newsletter, etc...

We came across this house which was pretty dark. Since the door was opened, Glenda asked if anyone was home, and saying , "We're from the Workers' Party..." in mandarin.

This man - 50+ - came to the door, bare-bodied. Glenda greeted him and explained what and why we were there. A short time later, the man's wife came to the door as well. She seemed to have been cooking or something.

The moment she heard we were from the Workers' Party, she began to tell us her story. She began to talk about her children. She said, "Now everything has gone up. How am I suppose to take care of my children? They (the PAP) asked us to vote for them the last time but see what has happened? How am I suppose to pay for my house?"

At this point I could see that she was getting very emotional and obviously she had kept these feelings inside for a long time. She continued to explain why she was having such a hard time. Her husband needed to see the doctor but she could hardly afford it and her kids needed to go to school. She had to work and yet put up wioth the rising cost of living.

At this point, her eyes began to turn red and she took off her spectacles to wipe her eyes. After she finished, I could see tears on her face.

It was truly heartwrenching for me to see this - up close and personal govt policies which affect these people.

Her husband then said that his whole family was going to vote for the WP this time. I asked his wife if she knew the Workers' Party. She said, "Of course. Mr Low thia Kiang... and the hammer.."

Throughout this time, Glenda and I just kept silent and listened to her. We could onyl offer words of comfort which does not do much. We then said our goodbyes.

The strange thing is that after we left, Glenda and I kept silent. I didn't ask Glenda about her feelings cos I think she was quite overwhelmed - like me.

This incident has really left a mark on me. I will never forget this.


Anonymous said...

i hope you guys really get back to help the family, and those others that needed help.

Anonymous said...

sometimes it really makes me wonder how PAP MPs work their ground. I think the grassroots and CC keep them away from such "sights".

Anonymous said...

anon2 - i don't think they will even care. all they care about is what goes into their pockets

Anonymous said...

It's things like this that make a difference between the people in the opposition and the high and mighty PAP. You think they really care whether you can put food on the table or that you can send yr children to school? They care about means testing - so that if your address is not HDB you must get sick or die expensively; about the highest pay for their ministers; about making S'pore First World but squeezing the people everyday; about disposing of any potential political threat; about dynasty enhancement; about everything that is not pro the poor or those not well-heeled. Well done, WP!

oliver said...

I don't think that the PAP is all that heartless. I have a true story to tell about what my friend and her family went through many years ago. Her father was diagnosed with cancer and her mother had to support 3 children. Her father didn't have any insurance to pay for the medical bills.
They approached their MP for help. And he did help them. I do not know exactly the details of the help given but at the end of the whole episode, my friend didnt come out of it being bitter about the PAP.
So, again, I do not know exactly the details of this family in the article above. But, I do believe that if someone were to point their plight out to any MPs, newspapers etc, they will get the necessary help. Come on, we're in Singapore; all we have to do is to sound out our plight; be it to the MPs, or to the press, or even to opposition parties and help will arrive. Maybe the situation in Singapore is not perfect, but at least, it is not hopeless.... let us be positive about this at least.

Calamity Man said...

whatever party it is, they all have the good of the nation at heart.

whatever party is in control they absolutely cannot leave these genuine victims of circumstances poor folks behind.

Anonymous said...

I always hear millions are alocated to help the poor and the needy. But the poor and the needy still remained poor and needy. Did the millions go the the "correct poor and needy" ?

Furthermore, I see flood of donations coming in only from fellow singaporean whenever someone's plight is highlighted on the TV media(i.e Ch U) . Where is our dear beloved MPs ? Do you see them donating their income to help them ? If they do, pls make full use of the TV media to amplify their deeds.

Anonymous said...

Which I've always stressed that the poor is getting poorer while the rich is getting richer!! and have even quoted a number of instances.

oliver said...

I am glad that we are still bothered enough to read about the plights of the poor and needy in Singapore and feel upset by it. Although some of us are angry with the system, government etc and try to find the cause of their situation and go on a witch hunt, the question is this, isn’t it better to channel this energy to do something positive about it?
Find out who is in need around us. Use our resources to help them. Highlight to the media, contact the MPs etc. If after all that we’ve done and help still didn’t come, then we can say that the situation is indeed hopeless in Singapore. Can anyone here confirm that the situation is indeed hopeless? If not, maybe this is a good starting point for us to do something about the situation in our own way. People power is not just about our rights to criticize policies which we don’t agree with; it is also about our ability to make a difference to those around us…