7 May 2006

The new tin foil hat

From Trompe L'oeil:

Overheard at a table in a cafe, when I was out with two friends earlier in the afternoon:

"...really, it's true, and then I plastered all my finger-tips with..."

"Plastered??? Handiplast???"

"Ha! How? One handiplast for each finger? No lah, I used surgical tape, about half-an-inch each over all my fingers so no fingerprints would be left behind at the polling station."

He concluded that last line with a horribly smug look.

As the laughter subsided, I noticed some distracted looks from around the same table. Growing distraction.

Tsk tsk. What can I say - some people can be so very careless.

In other news, the tin foil hat goes out of fashion.

1 comment:

Matilah_Singapura said...

As long as the ruling party has a bolt of lightning to zap your brain, one would better hope that the designs of TFN's keep up with the times.

Women should wear one in their underwear. This would prevent the govt from zapping their reproductive system with the Govt Ray Gun to "encourage" them to pump out more babies to serve the state apparatus.