31 May 2006

Singabloodypore Is Being Researched

As is Mr Wang I see. The Singapore blogosphere seems to have burst into flames of rumour and fear. As far as I am aware the IPS is a partially business funded and partially government funded think tank. Now by Singabloodypore being researched what I mean is that I have been invited to attend an interview on the topic of the blogging commmunity and possible effects it may have had on the recent elections.

The interview will be conducted face-to-face which as all you smart readers out there know, means in the same geographic location.

So when the request arrived in my inbox a few weeks ahead of when I had planned to spend a few days in Singapore I thought why not, what harm could it do?

"The questions we are interested in include the kinds of space that the Internet helps create as an alternative to the mainstream media, and whether and how the Internet contributes to democratic processes. We have been archiving several dozen blogs during the election period, including yours, with a view to analyzing their content and features. But we would also like to have a quantitative sense of how big the impact of blogs like yours is - and would be grateful if you could grant us an interview either face to face or by email ...

Vote For LHL!


akikonomu said...
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akikonomu said...


There is, of course, nothing to fear.

Ben said...

Just go there and speak up for every blogger.

And remember to record everything (video or audio) and upload them on the internet for the free world.

We count on you.

akikonomu said...

I have already stipulated that their questions and our answers will be uploaded on our blogs, otherwise no go. However, we need more people to demand this concession from IPS, or else it won't work.

Anonymous said...

Always refuse to deal, until the other party offers something of value to you in return.

Negotiation 101. Never give anything away free. Always trade.

Anonymous said...

what's their purpose? i heard the news this morning and lee boon yang says though more savvy to come but that does not mean they are in a way giving in too. Are they trying to "trick" us and then think how to fix us? or just paying another lip-svs (remember the casino project)- yah, "say your views and would like to listen and then at the back of their mind they have fixed up the idea to go ahead). some reservations though!!!

*The Lunatic Fringe* said...

Yawning Bread has spoken with IPS. Check out his comment to Mr. Wang's post on IPS approaching him for an interview.

Yawning Bread was of the view it's okay as he met the Head and a Senior Researcher at IPS.


akikonomu said...

Board of Governors, IPS

Impressive members on the board

Appointing Governor

Mr Peter Ho Hak Ean
Head of Civil Service
Perm Sec (Special Duties & National Security and Intelligence Coordination), Prime Minister's Office
Perm Sec (Foreign Affairs)


Mr Patrick Daniel
Managing Editor
English/Malay newspapers division
Singapore Press Holdings

Dr Teh Kok Peng
GIC Special Investments Pte Ltd

Mr Kishore "Can Asians Think?" Mahbubani
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy


soci said...

Does feel a little like entering the lions den.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Picking up on anonynous on negotiation:

They want your "business". Why not ask them to come to you instead? And you'll be fully protected by UK constitution.

soci said...

Hi matilah,

protected from what? exactly. There is nothing to fear.

Oh and the Uk doesn't really have a constitution. Not one that is written down in black and white. More a bunch of different laws that slowley evolve or as a religious person might say, 'intelligently redesign'.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hi soci

Protected from...(fanfare) ta ta rah rah... DEFAMATION lawsuits.

And BTW, they're seeking your "input" which could be taken to mean that you are a "consultant".

That smells like money to me—for you, I mean. Please, take my tax dollars :-)

soci said...

If only someone would offer me 'your' tax dollars I would gladly take them.

Anonymous said...

then don't go for that interview - whatever your view might turn into a weapon against all the bloggers, who knows!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Nah, soci's cool. He should face them. Being "paid" for it would be a nice unexpected and unintentional"bonus"—he has done a lot of work, and this blog does indeed ROCK.

Starting a blog is a no-brainer. Anyone can get their own blog in 2 minutes flat, and start ranting and raving in whatever chemically-enhanced or natural-state they choose to be in.

But a "good blog" is more than just the ranting and raving of one excited individual—it is a community. A community of unique individuals who might differ radically in opinion and ideology (for e.g. I consider myself an "Old Whig"—decidedly suspicious of democracy), but at least agree that free discussion and argumentation is necessary in this world of ideas.

So soci and the team have pursued their own self-interest, and benefitted, probably the nation.