1 May 2006

Low Thia Khiang - WP Rally (Apr 30, Chinese)

LTK attacking PAP upgrading policy . The audio is poor but the video is worth watching for one reason alone.

Note the size of the audience!
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Anonymous said...

shutdown your stupid voting system. It's biased. it down't update de results correctly

soci said...

are you talking to soci or the Singapore Electoral Officers?

Anonymous said...

well, whether it is correct or not. somewhat it does show an indication.

Anonymous said...


PJW said...

Judging from the crowd size at the opposition parties, the support is string for WP. Why is there only 2 opposition members in parliament?
1. People who went to the rallies all live in the West.
2. People fear voting against PAP.
3. People goes to see a show and thats it.
4. The votes are rigged!!!!!!! The polls must have been stuffed with fake PAP votes.

jOLYnNn said...

I guess it's not unusual to see fear in voting opposition. I'm voting the first time, n I wonder if the votes are really secret. Do they have any numbers indicated on the paper which we mark a cross?

One thing I've noted about some SMCs where SM n others are supporting the PAP candidates on upgrading. MM did mentioned that this GE is about selling one's capability. And I guess this is obviously more than one.

Also where will they get the resources from? will it be the public funds? From what I've observed recently, it seems to me that they are competing on a contract tender for upgrading where finance n individual's capability is the criteria. But for this case, finance is the winning strategy.

Isn't this all about financial battle? the rich landlords win easily and the farmers leave quietly.

PJW said...

Hmm, fear in voting for the opposition. Well if the opposition is no longer the opposition but become the government itself, then what is there to fear for? In fact, by looking at the numbers and comparing the voters register, the new PM Low may well give out Workers Bonus to all those who votes for the new government and maybe increase the tax rate to 40% for those opposition voters, not that many anyway.
Why not you have an experiment and try voting against "pay and pay" and see if you will pay for it personally? But the coporal punishment of denying upgrading to opposition wards dont count as personal punishment please.
In fact i am very interested in looking at a blog accounting on your future account of punishment for voting against pay and pay.

Anonymous said...

Why should anyone fear that others know they are rooting for opposition? Such irrational fear is ridiculous. There would be a big scandal if there is even a single case where someone voted for oppo and he sees his career or prospects curtailed. All this is just cultivated fear from the PAP, starting from their nonsense slogan "Your Vote Is Secret". Your vote is never secret so why bother? Uninformed ppl living in fear i can understand. But I simply cannot believe educated ppl can still believe in such nonsense. S'poreans indeed are stupid.

Anonymous said...

Fear is the worst enemy in life. That's why i dislike the govt always use terrorism to frighten us. To be aware and to be fearful are two different things and they will produce different consequences.

For instance, after the SARS period, everyone was so fearful and dared not go out of their house. It took quite a while to conquer our fear.

Look at Britain's terrorist attack, they were not fearful at all and life went on as per normal.

Now, we will getting the flu pandemic pamphlets by 23 may. Hopefully it is not going to cultivate fear in us again but rather to cultivate awareness.

Similarly, for voting. Vote for what you think is beneficial.

Suppose the voting is skewed towards the oppo, perhaps this will make pay-and-pay wake up a bit.

Anonymous said...

The motive of creating fear in us is to make us feel they are so impt so much so they are indispensable. Unfortunately, nobody in this world is indispensable at all.

Anonymous said...

Fear? Hopeless Singaporeans, let us all unite and vote for the opposition!

Anonymous said...

Then GY is now biting on Sylvia Lim for keeping quiet now. Then why is also Lim Hng Kiang keeping quiet about NKF saga?? All donors also want him to talk abt it too.

Now, old man also comes out to talk abt the gomez issue too.

Really sick of this meaningless talk.

Anonymous said...

15 minutes per news on Gomez. I am officially allergic to the following terms: "lift", "upgrading", "eligibility form", in both Chinese and English.

We have 9 days, 9 stupid days, for all parties to impress voters. And you are so arrogant of your own capabilities that you can afford dedicate time for personal attacks and discrediting opponents.

Whoever has listened to the opposition, agrees with them, yet votes for the ruling party for reasons of 1. free money 2. fear 3. plain disregard, is openly admiting that he/she is guilty of making a fool of our elections and (pseudo-)democracy.

Anonymous said...

wish the election is tomorrow. stop listening to all these meaningless news. harping on the same minor issue on gomez. pap have all the "great men but small hearts".

pjw said...

The anonymous shit is getting a bit far. Wonder if it stands for someone's name.
Talk about fearless but still put anonymous.
Perhap Singaporean has the guts to rant, be angry, go to opposition rallies but no guts to identify themselves, vote for opposition or when they vote for them do not dare to be proud that they did.

Anonymous said...

Each and every family members and relatives of mine vote for each oppo party!


Anonymous said...

me anonymous but i vote opp last 2 elections and my family are going my way too this time around !