2 May 2006

Police investigating SDP chief for speaking to crowd after election rally

The harassment continues

By S Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia

The chief of the Singapore Democratic Party may have landed himself in more trouble.

Police are investigating if Dr Chee Soon Juan, who is a bankrupt and not eligible to take part in the election, contravened the Parliamentary Elections Act on Monday night.

Dr Chee was observed to have spoken to a crowd of about 50 people for two minutes outside the Woodlands Stadium.

Responding to media queries, police confirmed the incident took place on 1 May at about 10.15pm when Dr Chee was at the car park outside the stadium shortly after the SDP election rally had ended.

Dr Chee and several members of the SDP's Central Executive Committee have earlier been sued for defamation by Singapore's leaders for remarks on the National Kidney Foundation saga. - CNA/ir


Blackaries said...

Again, this shows there is no room for freedom of expression nor speech, if the authority decides to exercise their power of discretion in a non-constructive manner. The rights of the individual ends where that of the state begins. You decide if the line drawn is justified, or not.

Anonymous said...

Once again the lone man striks fear into the Peanut Action Party hooligans known as out police force who are there to protect its citizens from corrupt governments

Anonymous said...

Like a communist country, no freedom of movt and speech.

Anonymous said...

why doesnt chee seek asylum and go to Harvard like Francis Seow? I am tired of his unproductive activities

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, it takes someone like Chee to constantly draw attention to these usually invisible boundaries so that we are reminded that they exist, and of what a restrictive society we are. The other opposition candidates are content to play within the markers laid down by the PAP and we tend to forget they are very real and the PAP will not hesitate to enforce them. Ask yourself this. Why does the PAP expend so much energy and resources on marginalising Chee? If Singaporeans have already written him off, is there any need for PAP to do anymore? And why doesn't Chee just 'retire' in comfort to other countries like our exile opposition? Is he mad or stupid? So Chee Soon Juan, I salute your courage and conviction because you are doing something for Singapore I only dare dream of doing. I hope history will give you the credit you deserve.

soci said...

The picture taken from the CNA site seems to express the image that the CNA editors are trying to convey to the reader.

I can imagine the photographer going through the entire number of images with the editor, and for some reason they pick the one that makes him look bad and tired. Look at all the images of the opposition, look at the angles, the lighting and ask yourself if they are choosing these picutures to show the opp. in a good way?