2 May 2006

SDA rally, Jalan Besar GRC, 1 May 2006

Chiam See Tong speaking at Jalan Tentaram, SDA rally, Jalan Besar GRC, 1 May 2006. These videos and others can be spotted on Sgrally. So check regularly for further updates.

Arrival of Chiam See Tong

Chiam's speech 1 of 2

Chiam's speech 2 of 2


Anonymous said...

May 1 - Labour Day.

Lim Boon Heng, NTUC secretary, said it is the established bond b/w union and the govt that it would be beneficial to the workers. Really???

If one is a civil servant in a statutory board and is also a union member, and who faces some problem in his work or with his superior, etc, don't ever think that union will fight for your rights, ok. True example that i know of.

when the govt says to accept reduction in pay, Lim BH, assisting in the prime minister's office, will be the first to support the idea.

During the period of economic downturn, the retrenched workers requested to the NTUC to reduce their subscription m'ship fees. But few months later, instead of reducing the fees, it was increased by $1 to $9 per month, can u believe it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't you know? My father said Lim BH is like an asshole, constantly farting out what other ministers said. He never has anything constructive to add on.

Anonymous said...

as a matter of fact, I thought that's how you get ahead, never rocking the boat

Anonymous said...

don't we have enough of yesmen in the parliament and everyone is singing the same tune? that's why all the more we must have oppo to speak up