5 May 2006

Speech by Dr Chee Soon Juan at Woodlands Stadium Rally Site and Crowd behaviour at Yishun Rally Site

[People gather during a Workers' Party rally in Singapore May 4, 2006. Singapore will hold its general elections on Saturday. REUTERS/Nicky Loh ]

Pictures of the Singapore General Election are available here.

Responding to media queries, Police confirm that at about 10pm yesterday (3 May 2006), Dr Chee and five others were observed gathering on the field of Woodlands Stadium after the rally by the Singapore Democratic Party. They sealed their mouths with adhesive tape bearing the written letters "NKF" and remained silent for a short while.

The group then removed the adhesive tape and walked towards the spectators' gallery where Dr Chee gave a short speech to the crowd present.

Police are investigating if the group had committed an offence under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act. Police are also investigating if Dr Chee had committed an offence under the Parliamentary Elections Act.

Separately, at the Workers' Party rally at Yishun Central, the large crowd took some time to disperse after the rally ended. Two persons were arrested for disorderly behaviour. Both were chanting, with one waving around an umbrella. Their actions had attracted a crowd of onlookers, some of whom cheered them on.

Police would like to advise the public to leave in an orderly manner at the end of election rallies and not linger around the area or hinder the dispersal of the crowd. They should be mindful of their safety as well as that of others, and observe traffic rules and directions given by Police officers.
4 MAY 06 @ 12.15am


d81 said...

Police are investigating if the group had committed an offence under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act.

What? Keeping silence is an offence? I didn't know silence can be a nuisance.. The police shouldn't assume that NKF is a patented abbrievation for National Kidney Foundation; that is a matter of opinion. For example, in the SDP's case, "NKF" may be more like "Nowadays Kena Fucked."

singaporebands said...

They must have been chanting 'worker's party'. That was not mentioned. Cause then Singaporeans would know that the half the crowd was chanting too. Also by arresting a citizen at a rally, it just makes the police look sad.

Anonymous said...

These police har Don't know whether they are beholden to PAP or to the people of Singapore. Could somebody check if there are any foreign talents at the helm. Seems like some foreign radicals/chauvinist characters in that force is working against the good of Singapore. He should be stripped of PR/Citizenship and deported to a Third World country to appreciate our beautiful First.

Anonymous said...

Understand today potong pasir's town council a/c to be published.

Why not publish all town councils' a/cs too?

Anonymous said...

NKF = Neatly Kidnap Fund

Matilah_Singapura said...

In any other developed society, the cops would be hauled over coals for violating the rights they are sworn to protect.

Harrasing chanting umbrella wavers?

Really... What an embarassment.

Anonymous said...

Look, another incidence of inefficient system of papsmear town council.

A late penalty fee wrongly charged under "total disbursement fee imposed" (this is for non-GST items???) for which just discovered a new type of fee imposed.

Do you know that the penalty fee is charged at $2?

This adds on more burden to those poor families, who are already in having financial difficulties, unable to pay the conservancy charges and still have to pay extra plus plus like this. The rich obviously will not default in payments, isn't?

To the poor, a $2 penalty fee could buy an individual a bowl of noodle or a pkt of nasi-lemak to last a meal!!!

So, can you see that the poor gets poorer (more plus plus to pay) while the rich gets richer (saves up paying these plus plus) bec they have the means to pay?

Anonymous said...

Chiam is able to maintain the conservancy charges status quo at Potong Pasir. But why can't papsmear town councils, given the fact that papsmear tc is richer than the non-pap?

one plus point to you, Chiam!!