5 May 2006

If A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words!

From http://xialanxue.blogspot.com/2006/05/picfest.html
PAP Rally at Tampines

WP Rally at Ang Mo Kio

Photos courtesy of EDMW and SBF


Serenditpity said...

Understand that an emergency meeting has been called by PAP to discuss the final day strategy.

Location unknown.
Meeting convenor: WKS
Attendees list: Unlnown but members from the SPH, CNA and perhaps ISD amongst others (expected attendees about 20)
Agenda: Last day's strategy.
To note: GCT not in the attendee list, though he initally he was also called. GY called specifically. surprise attendee: TCH, Hen and Vivian as well, though they were not part of the core strategy team.

My hunch is that they are looking for new and fresh ideas, as their existing ideas have not had much impact.

PAP clearly didnt expect the crowd's response at AMK on 4th night. They were really shocked. My assessment is that they are going to do something dramatic tomorrow to make sure that they do win Aljunied and PP. They MAY SET UP A BAIT FOR WP to flounder.

Expect dirty tricks, or major stunts by the PAP. the stakes are too high for the PAP.

Apparently LKY was to make a visit there (aljunied) tomorrow morning, but Mama Lee had objected. Dont know the reason.

There is panic and pessimism in the PAP camp which is very easily visible. there is a facade of unity because a small minority of PAP Ministers also didnt like WKS and LKY's handling of JG affair. But they had to keep their mouth shut.

LHL is actually exhibiting nervousness. Not that he is scared of losing AMK, but wondering of the implications of losing Aljunied and the overall percentage of popular vote declining. He cancelled a scheduled interview today at 6 pm with the media.

He is clearly indecisive; keeps going through the draft speech repeatedly. And keeps consulting guys like WKS, Tharman and his journalist friend in SPH about possible reactions to the statements. He is completely unsure.


soci said...

for real or not anon?

Anonymous said...

LHL will be making changes after the election; he knows he need to renew the cabinet, and he knows some of the campaigning was very poor and who is to blame for this

d81 said...

What do we have here? Seems a little too PAP-style to be false.. haha

Btw, who're GY and TCH?

singaporebands said...

fwah. I really did't see that coming cause I haven't been to a PAP rally yet. Thought it was as many people.... real shocker.

Anonymous said...

problem is that people at opp rally does not equal vote. maybe this time though.

Anonymous said...

pap rallys are boring because the messages are so well known

crowd often come from outside the district so does not equal vote

lee hsien tau said...

Keep your fingers crossed. I need a job. And I don't want to be marked down anymore. Hope Wong Kan Seng won't be at MHA next month.

Anonymous said...

The PAP's 'staying together, moving ahead' shirt look really cheap. Like they couldn't be bothered about this campaign.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean are too afraid and scared to vote for the opposition because they want to protect their self interests. Prices of flats in opposition held areas will definitely drop..

Anonymous said...

I am surpised got ppl go to see PAP rallies. Are they there to see how poor the attendance is ?

Anonymous said...

On the eve of elections, CH 5 is showing "INDECENT PROPOSAL"

Are they trying to jab at PAP's mutli-millions upgrading proposals ?

Anonymous said...

The Unfair TV Coverage of the PAP's Political campaign is simply too obvious.
Irrespective of the allocation of air-time on TV according to the number of candidates fielded during the Party Political Broadcast, the PAP still gets preferrential TV coverage in the daily news on every TV Channel. Noticed that the TV never show the size of the crowd nor supporters at opposition parties' rallies, but do so for the PAP rallies?
And this is not all. The PM goes on TV on MAY Day rally too.
So in actuality, the PAP gets tonnes of TV air-time in excess of those allocated to all parties during the Parties Political Broadcast!!
Talk about creating opportunities for all Singaporeans.
I can see some of this in action,
But what I am seeing is the creation of highly "unfair" opportunities for Singaporeans.
This is indeed reflected in the PAP's action by virtue of their control of the Media!