4 May 2006

WP's Low asks MM Lee to prove his allegations against him

Everybody want to sue everybody? Anyone want to sue me go ahead but you will have a major problem. Or in a common little saying from my home town, 'You can't get the knickers off a bare arse.'

SINGAPORE : Workers' Party Secretary-General Low Thia Khiang has asked Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew to prove his allegations against him in court.

In his rally address at Nee Soon Central on Wednesday, Mr Low threw a challenge to Mr Lee to sue him.

Mr Low (in Mandarin) says: "Last night, Mr Lee spoke here. This morning's paper, he said that he wanted me to sue him. Tonight, I want to tell him - come and sue me. I told the reporters, Gomez wrote his own apology, I corrected it. This is the truth. I am surprised. Mr Lee is the founding father, everything is based on facts, but this time he is making baseless allegations." - CNA/de

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lee hsien tau said...

I mention a lot of names in my blog, quite a few of them lawyers. Not one defamation suit in sight. I don't think it's simply a question of 'bare arse'. If you've done your homework, chosen your words with care, they aren't as thick-skinned as Durai to come bulldozing. They might use cloak and dagger techniques, though.