4 May 2006

JB Jeyaretnam's Blog - PRESS STATEMENT

Is the Prime Minister play-acting when he calls upon the Opposition to stop evading serious issues (ST 29 April)?

The most compelling question facing our people in Singapore today is whether the present system of government, which has been in place for 47 years, is capable of producing a dynamic and progressive society, promoting the happiness of ALL its people. The present system now brought to light by the disclosure of the system which ran the NKF (the NKF system) has divided Singapore into a country of two nations - one a nation of the rich and the other a nation of the poor - something which Disraeli said of Britain at the beginning of the 20th century. The gap between the rich and the poor has continued to widen and is now reaching alarming proportions.

Under the system our workers are no better than the serfs in the middle ages. We have become a beggar society - a people without any rights. The Rule of Law does not run in Singapore. Elections are programmed by the ruling party to produce determined results. The civil service and the police are subject to political control. The system has spurned falsehoods about Singapore. Truth and justice do not matter in the system. How is this country any better than Belarus or North Korea? The people of Nepal have rejected one-man rule after four (4) years. In Singapore the one-man rule still prevails after 47 years.

Both the PAP, who have put in place this system, and the Opposition Parties, the Workers’ Party now under its present leaders, and the SDA accept the system. Is it any wonder that the Prime Minister taunts Chiam and Low that they have had nothing to offer despite having been in Parliament for well over 15 years except to raise trivialities?

I have said from the time I entered Parliament in 1981 that the system under which Singapore is governed is bad for Singapore and has to go if our people’s lives are to improve. It is for this reason that the PAP have gone all out to keep me out of Parliament, removing me from Parliament in 1986 on false convictions, bringing forward elections in 1991 to two months before I became eligible again to stand for Parliament and now keeping me a bankrupt to prevent me from challenging them in this election. The Inter-Parliamentary Union has said my bankruptcy is politically motivated.

If the Prime Minister is really in earnest when he laments the lack of debate on the issues facing our people, he knows what he can do. I have in my statement released on 12th April 2006 invited him to debate with me. It is no good calling on the WP and SDA because as I said both parties accept the system – the NKF system.

It is still not too late, Mr Lee, for a public debate that is if you sincerely want to know what issues are uppermost in our people’s minds.

Do not dismiss my call as a publicity stunt which I am sure your obedient press will make it out to be. I am deadly serious for the future of our people. If you feel you cannot debate what system is best for Singapore, ask your father. It is he who after all put the system in place.

J B Jeyaretnam

1st May 2006


soci said...

why not have a public, televised, live debate consisting of the various leaders of all political parties?

What is there to fear?

Anonymous said...

The old man says he doesn't want to generate publicity for the opposition that they cannot otherwise generate on their own.

soci said...

afraid of a debate. so how can the opp generate any debate in sg? simply affraid of the truth.

Anonymous said...

you overstate; the main reason is they think they are above the other guys and cant deal on same level; prefer to have a crowd on young people who could be lectured

*The Lunatic Fringe* said...

JBJ Rocks!

Power to the People!

Anonymous said...

jbj should be nominated for the nobel peace prize.

that would really embarass the ruling regime.

Anonymous said...

"If I have to shoot 200,000 students to save China from another 100 years of disorder, so be it."

- MM Lee Kuan Yew endorsing the Tiananmen Square massacre, Straits Times, Aug 17,2004

[yes, if you shoot 200,000 students...The riot will stop, but there will be more than 200,000 families casting HATE on you, and planning for revenge. Then...there will never be PEACE!

EVIL! Did he know that the China Communist Party has DISTORT CHINA's History, brainwash their citizens, curb their freedom.....so as to maintain their POLITICAL POWER! Selfish and evil thinking.....The CHINA COMMUNIST PARTY is even harvesting organs from Falungong members while they are still alive.

Don't tell me our LKY approve of that?

yeah, he donated weapon to help the then ruler of Cambodia for the killings of their citizens too. 1/4 of cambodian citizens will wipe out then.]

lee hsien tau said...

If jbj should be nominated for the nobel peace prize, what's chia thai poh gonna get?

boastercock said...