4 May 2006

The Blogosphere is Watching

Singapore Elections has been popping in and out of the technorati Top Searches since the nominations began. The world is watching. Stand up for Singapore and blog your little heart out.


Anonymous said...

latest press release from JBJ


soci said...

thanks, just fell upon it myself.

Anonymous said...

put sex video of james gomes , sure to attract hits

Anonymous said...

anon above, this isn't a good idea. more demerit than merit for the party

Anonymous said...

I want to ask my fellow Singaporeans what kind of people have we become? What happened to our human decency, concern for integrity and standing up for our rights? For the selfish sake of material gains of lifts and wealth protection, Singaporeans have become Kia Si and Kiasu and are willingly led by their nose to exchange their soul for material gains. Some say patronisingly "Singapore is too small for politics. there is only room for pragmatics. Economics is all that matters". It's not new but I found this very disturbing hearing it fm well educated thinking beings.

On the surface it seems to make sense. But on the other hand, that simplistic line can apply to other countries too as any dictatorial power-hungry ruling party can claim - oh our country is too poor to have politics, or this country is too big to have real democracy...or this country has too many problems to have freedom of choice!" But the first world governements dont do that! so what is it abt Singapore that's so special? It's all abt buying into a manipulated political story spun by those in control and supported by kia si people who want to protect and grow their wealth.

Search your conscience Singaporeans and ask if that is not the truth?? Are you not closing a blind eye to the grey areas to the way things are done? Isn't using country funds and tax payers money to threaten us citizens and to withold upgrading benefits a major integrity and ethical issue?? how can the Pot call the kettle black when it is less than white itself?

With no real power nor sense of ownership in our own country, more and more Singaporeans are feeling disenfranchised and living like an expat here with no real sense of pride. Life is not just about pragmatics but also a balanced dose of idealism . That's what makes us different from animals and robots. it's not all abt jobs and money, but abt enriching our spirit and soul and self actualisation. This is NOT idealism but a fact of life.

Those who say life here is all abt pragmatics are living in an extreme form of idealism themselves. What do I mean? These people are buying into the sales pitch of status quo "peace" and wanting to live a life of paradise with no ups and downs in a fish bowl where everything is controlled and managed and where their economy and wealth is "protected". But is that really life? is that really living? This is not how the rest of the world lives. and pls spare the comparisons with 3rd world countries, but compare us to similar First World developed nations.

Singapore is truly sad in creating a false nirvana away from the rest of the real global world. if this continues, many young people (the average folks who r not rich) will find it harder and harder to fit into and compete in the real world out of Singapore.

Is it any wonder why so many other countries view us in a mocking way? the Arabs describe us as a nail hammered halfway into a block of wood. The mainland and overseas Chinese think we are stupid and not street wise. How did the situation get so critical that we are mocked at by other nations increasingly? and recently, a European businessman pointed out that he was shocked to find that MOE's motto is "Moulding the future of our nation!" as it means manipulating minds instead of nurturing the best in our young to be what they can be.

At the end of the day, we need to ask ourselves what does singapore mean to us? Does PAP really equal prosperity? Are they so indispensable that we will disappear into abject misert without them? Will the country collapse with more freedom to execise our rights? Yes jobs and money are important, but so are other things in life like standing up for our beliefs.

What price are we paying for this so called "prosperity" of the pocket when we are so poor and empty in our spirit and souls. It is a sorry state if this is what we, young and old, have to still look forward to in the future.

As a developed nation, my one sincere wish is for Singaporeans to be less selfish, to mature spiritually and start questioning according to their conscience. Do what your heart says is right and do not let fear sway you away from this. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Anonymous said...

Hey singabloodyporeans, I applaud your group, and othrs like you, for having the guts so set up such blogspots despite that highly dubious ban that has made us the ridicule of the world again.

To speak up and to know the truth is our right - as a human being and as a citizen of Singapore.

With thousands of active views online, it is a ground swell that will be difficult to threaten.

Let not this spark die out but may it grow into a fire of true concern and passion for our country. on behalf of singaporeans. thank you


clyde said...

Well Jann, it certainly would make this blog more meaningful if it inspired others to do the same and speak their mind. I've always believed strong criticism trumps blind patriotism. I don't doubt more and more are becoming aware of domestic politics and that the overcast of fear is slowly but surely receding.

soci said...

thanks jann it is really appreciated.