5 May 2006

Rally Pictures (Polling Day Eve)

Photos taken at PAP rallies, 5 May 2006

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Photo taken at WP rally (Serangoon Stadium), 5 May 2006

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Will the rally crowds translate into votes? Stay tuned to find out.


jOlYnNN said...

I really hope it is.. I've personally seen it today at Serangoon stadium and it's really an awesome scene. With that, I've worries too.. as attendence dun usually correlates votes. But i pray..

Oliver said...

Truth of the matter is, PAP doesn't seem to garner adoration and fervent support from its people anymore...
If one remembers the PAP rallies in the '60s and '70s, the excitement, passion and love of the crowd was just like what Worker's Party is enjoying right now. For PAP, after 40 odd years in power, each victories seem to resemble more and more like self-congratulatory claps on their backs... That cannot be good...

Matilah_Singapura said...

The Rolling Stones have been going about as long as the PAP has. And The Stones are still packing out the houses. Another stalwart - James Brown.

Whither thee PAP? Can you make the people happy and rock the house?

Or are you all hung up and uptight?