4 May 2006

Oh Look! Another Silly Article From the Straits Times.

Even the usually calm and collected Mr Wang is getting annoyed [correction was annoyed - 19 August 2005] with the mass media in Singapore.
This time, it's by Ms Tan Sai Siong. Let's see what kind of nonsense she's up to this time. We'll start right at the beginning. The title of her article is:


There she goes again! Trying to mislead her readers. President Nathan WASN'T elected. There WAS no election. Oh dear, what other horrors can we expect, if this writer can't even come up with a factually accurate title? Let's see:

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Anonymous said...

nathan was elected by a committee of 3 people, from 2 candidates; they found the other guy not qualified

Anonymous said...

of the 3 people committee, it is called selection!

please note the difference between selection and election!!

Anonymous said...

you have defamed the committee; sue

Anonymous said...

The truth is not obvious in politiking. Tan Sai Siong should have declared her credientials openly when she wrote that commentary- that she was a key player in the media for years before retiring having held positions including the Editor of the Business Times. this is another fine example of how we shld look beyond the surface before swallowing pro-Pap commentaries by so called independent writers. She is well known in the media as a die hard pap supporter.