1 May 2006

Is this The Same Wong Kan Seng?

PAP says statements, apologies by WP raise more questions
By S. Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia

SINGAPORE : The People's Action Party (PAP) has thrown a poser to the Workers' Party. Will it withdraw Mr James Gomez as a candidate and make a public apology?

This follows the statements and apologies by Workers Party's Low Thia Khiang and James Gomez over the incident involving Mr Gomez's minority certificate application.

Speaking at a rally on Sunday, PAP's First Assistant Secretary-General Wong Kan Seng asked if after this unfortunate incident, the WP still intends to uphold the high standards that it has set for itself and for politics in Singapore.

He assumes that in a case involving honesty or credibility, Mr Low would immediately withdraw the candidate and publicly apologise.

Mr Wong says: "That is why the PAP challenged them to tell Singaporeans the truth. It was only because the PAP pressed them that the Workers' Party has now said something.
To read the rest of the CNA love letter to the PAP...

Suddenly Mr Wong is the PAP spokeperson on truth, honesty and credibility...

Singapore protesters file lawsuit against high authorities
Sunday, October 02, 2005
Three demonstrators who were confronted by dozens of police in Singapore last month filed a lawsuit on Friday against authorities who they claimed violated their rights to assemble and peaceful protest.

The three allege that Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng, who is also deputy prime minister, and Commissioner of Police Khoo Boon Hui acted unconstitutionally when police forces confronted them Aug. 11.

The three and another person had stood silently outside a public building carrying signs that called for greater transparency in Singapore's national institutions. Dozens of police, some in riot gear, surrounded them, ordering them to leave or face arrest.

Police said they were acting on a complaint from a member of the public that the protesters were causing a nuisance. All four complied with the police request, informes the AP.

The case brought by the three plaintiffs was thrown out of court - the completely PAP independent, nothing whatsoever to do with the PAP court system as alleged by Christopher Lingle, Dr Chee and that prosecutor in Canada. Don't even get me started on George Yeo.


wee said...

read ur blog n i think u rock! i get to vote, im so excited!

Anonymous said...


WKS should pose the question to TT Durai. Out of $1 donation, only 10 cents goes to the patients and 90 cents goes to their lavish spending. Is there any integrity in this matter??

The saga issue already happened since the ex-MOH minister, Lim Hng Kiang (now the Trade and Industry minister). His staff were received with cold shoulder when they attended the meetings at NKF then. But they had stopped attending the meetings after several meetings bec they felt uncomfortable being there.

Why didn't the minister raised his eye-brow and took immediate action? This concerns patients' life and death issue and donors' huge funds with NKF. Till todate, he said nothing about it. Doesn't he has to hold part of the responsibility? Wouldn't he also has to apologise to all donors from all walks of life, rich and poor, young and old, who have contributed their donations out of kindness with their hard-earned monies?

Anonymous said...

I think he's the same.. I mean, the same hypocritical Wong Kan Seng, who lords over the ISD. And speaking of integrity, has anyone forgotten about the HPL fiasco involving the Lees way back in 1997? The PAP didn't come clean on that, did they?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Well folks, Lee Kuan Yew alluded that he likes it ROUGH

Now if I may, I'd like to use an extremely hardcore porn movie as a metaphor... ;)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. The PAP still has some explaining to do about those old skeletons in their closets...the HPL, the NKF.

We should not forget just because they think they had buried the issues with the "I thought I apologised" and that "We didn't know we were given discounts".

RIP? I think not.