20 Sep 2006

Some videos showing Empowering Singaporeans Rally & March


Wicked said...

Look at what solid reasons the police gave.

A walk will injure reporters?

Joe90 said...

To "wicked," with all due respect, if you listen carefully to the speech by an unknown person at the end of the video, you will realize that such a plea was actually made by one of Dr. Chee's colleagues, probably an SDP activist to the group of surrounding police. To quote the unidentified activist's warning to the police, "Don't crowd around us ... Don't use these tactics ... Dr Chee and our activists can be injured." So, you see this plea was actually made by the SDP towards the police to stop crowding around them as well as to implicitly warn them against using unnecessary force to break up the demonstration, for such force would inevitably end up with a lot of people present there getting hurt. The SDP activist also warned the police if any injury should happen as a result of police action, the SDP would hold the police personally responsible for causing such injury.

lee hsien tau said...

I stayed nearby.

I went down to take a look 2 hours after the march was supposed to take place, and both Dr Chee and his sister were individually surrounded by ISD and policewomen goons respectively.

The 'march' hadn't even managed to cross the road; the stand-off was stuck in the park so to speak.

Shortly after I got there, Ms Chee managed to get almost to the 7-Eleven store before the river. Policewomen goons aren't as sturdy as ISD goons, and even then, only one of the ISD goons was chink.

A few hours and my arms turning a respectable red later, I limped alone to Parliament House, where nobody but 5 more goons were picketed outside the front of Parliament House (with renovation still going on). I overheard one goon asking another what was going on, and was told they were standing by (in case you weren't aware, goons do have brains but aren't expected to use them).

When I limped back from Parliament House, Dr Chee had still to make it across the road. I gave up and went back to watch 'full-metal alchemist'.

Anonymous said...

The poodles are so lame. This is so embarassing - poodles muttering incoherently in full view of the international media.

Anonymous said...

Update: His Holiness the Dalai Lama awarded Congressional Gold Medal!

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest award bestowed to civilians by the US Congress, in recognition for his "many enduring and outstanding contributions to peace, nonviolence, human rights, and religious understanding."

The Congressional Gold Medal is conferred by Congress on behalf of the American people to show gratitude and support for the contributions made by outstanding individuals. Past recipients include Nelson Mandela, Elie Wiesel, and global religious figures, like Pope John Paul II.

A big thank you to the International Campaign for Tibet for spearheading this campaign and to all the SFT members in the US who contacted their representatives and encouraged them to co-sign this momentous bill, which enjoyed bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate. The final number of co-signers was 387, representing over two-thirds of Congress. Click here to read the full text of the Dalai Lama Congressional Gold Medal Bill.


This award closely follows the Canadian Parliament’s unanimous decision to confer honorary Canadian citizenship to the Dalai Lama in July. The decision by both the Canadian and American governments to publicly recognize the Dalai Lama for his unwavering commitment to resolving the Tibet issue peacefully is not only monumental but also very timely. Recently, Chinese officials in Tibet have increased their propaganda efforts to portray the Dalai Lama as a "splittist" and a "false religious leader". Beijing's representatives in Washington and Ottawa reacted strongly to the news, registering complaints with the American and Canadian governments.

But truth has prevailed and the message to the Chinese government is clear; even after almost six decades, the international community will not accept China’s illegal occupation of Tibet.

Tibetan freedom is inevitable.

Disgusted said...

Good For Tibet and for the Dalai Lama.

May the Almighty (whoever the Supreme) protect them !

I wonder whether the School textbooks in China do actually write about the true stories of the persecution of the Tibetans and others in that country; and of course as someone said somewhere about the Cultural Revolution where millions of their people died and the womanising by Mao.

Read the book by the Chinese author, Jung and other books about the country.

The best part they tried to teach our country (Singapore) how to run our affairs. Remember how their Ambassador made very rude statements about our country and PM ?

Who do they think they are ?
We are their vassal state ???

I do NOT recall any other country or its ambassador that were so rude and contemptuos of our country except China last year.

SO, before they preach to others, they should look at their own faces in the mirror and count how many millions died in their own hands.