27 Sep 2006

A sharing I gave regarding Singapore...

Below is the article written by Mr Gibson which he has removed from his blog. Mr Gibson is a reporter for the Epoch Times and had been in Singapore covering the case of two Falun Gong members. M. Ravi is the lawyer who was defending the two Falun Gong members. It was posted on the 9th of September 2006 and was available until 28th September 2006. It is posted in full below and may shed some light on the reason he was denied access to Singapore by the authorities.
Saturday, September 09, 2006

This is my understanding of the situation regarding Ravi. Please understand that so much has happened in the last week that it is hard to write everything down in great detail.

Through out this whole time my understanding of the entire situation is that no matter what the circumstances and details of the situation in this dimension, any outcome good or bad has been due to the strength/lack or clarity in our collective righteous thoughts and understanding of the Fa.

The entire first week Ravi was fine. He performed excellently in court and although he was very direct in his manner with whoever he spoke to he never used bad words and was calm. To me he seemed like an everyday person but with very righteous views when it came to Falun Gong's situation. I have never met an ordinary person other than David Kilgour or Edward Scott-MacMillan so determined to stand up for Falun Gong. He has risked much personally taking this case. It was only when he was in debate in court that he got excited but it seemed very effective and the prosecution and the judge had a hard time trying to beat him on his points so instead they would just try and side step the issue altogether.

The entire week he was clear and only at certain points when the collective understanding of the practitioners here was not clear, only then would Ravi become frustrated. But at those times either all or one of myself, You Xin and the 2 other Australian practitioners where present to clarify the situation and assist Ravi.

On the 3rd day Ravi offered You Xin and I to use a spare room in his office so that we can do everything we need to do to assist the trials. We can use any materials, the internet, the phone with no charge. This is very helpful as his office is just opposite the Subordinate Court so it has helped greatly. He shares with 2 other women lawyers who are all very close to Ravi and also very supportive of the situation. He also mentioned a lot that he felt very calm around practitioners. Since then I have kept very close to Ravi and I have been aware that I should not become attached to him through Qing or anything else, it has been hard and I made some errors but now I feel unmoved regarding Ravi.

Only when the overseas practitioners left did Ravi start to show some signs of instability but not too bad and it was a little more work to help him through that. It seemed as time went on each day some new pressure would come to bear on Ravi, like another complication regarding one of his other cases etc. With this it was obvious to anyone that he was feeling the pressure as an ordinary person would.

Then we had the teamspeak and halfway through Ravi came back very jittery and nervous. He insisted that I listen to him and didn’t wish to wait until after the teamspeak. He explained that something happened at the temple and he believed that he was being setup by the priests and the police to be arrested on false charges. I told him I couldn’t get involved in this matter and he got upset. I said that I had to stay focused on Falun Gong and be true to my understandings. He was sill very upset and angry with me saying all kinds of things. When I told him that I would do my best within my understanding to help him he calmed down a little. I persuaded him that it was very important that I get back on the teamspeak. Then on the teamspeak the practitioners overseas wanted to speak to him. He got on the teamspeak and talked a lot with the practitioners, he seemed to change quite quickly from nervous and jittery to becoming focused on the Falun Gong issue. I felt that the situation with the temple was just a distraction and to pay no attention to it.
Afterwards he was so clear and calm and determined to go on. He even gave up going to Australia to do his human rights tour which is related to his client who is going to be executed soon. He felt that this matter was a priority. That night he was worried about police coming and arresting him so we slept in the office.

That morning when he woke he was completely different and acting very unusual. I realised very quickly how this was not good. It was 5:30am and he wanted to go to his temple to do his rituals but he was worried that he would be falsely arrested and asked me to come just in case. Before I went into the temple I asked master to seal off my ears and not let anything I see, hear or sense get into me as I didn’t want to accept any of it. I was here to make sure Ravi was OK. At the temple his actions were not good and he behaved irrationally which upset the others worshipping there. I was doing FZN but it was hard to keep calm and I sometimes feel my heart beating very fast, I knew it was vital that I remain still but it was so hard because the situation seemed so utterly bizarre and inappropriate.

The police were called and turned up; they asked questions to both of us. At that point I decided I was not going to be a part of what he was trying to get me involved in, I refused and he got very upset. I felt that I did the right thing no matter what his reaction and that to trust master was the best thing. All of a sudden I felt better and relief that I had made this decision. I became much calmer. In the end the police determined that there was no cause for complaint and left after asking Ravi to leave peacefully. It took some persuasion from myself and the police but he left. When the police had first arrived I phoned You Xin and asked her to come immediately. The police were very calm and seemed to be very good people which surprised me.

Ravi and I left the temple went to a coffee shop very nearby while we waited for You Xin. In the temple he had called some of his friends – who were also clients - and they turned up at the coffee shop. I explained the situation to them and they were concerned but trusted us to look after him.

Ravi continued to act irrationally so either Ming Guo, You Xin or myself were with him to calm him down. You Xin and Ming Guo took him to the beach and helped him stay calm which worked very well. I continued to make a summary of what has happened in court and get the complaints from the public hearing together in Ravi’s office. I heard from You Xin that they share the Fa with Ravi and it was good.

We felt that it was important that he stay out of the public view while he was in this state so he went to stay with his friend Karen near the beach and he seemed to be very calm. The next day we had a couple of phone calls from him and it seemed that he was still a little confused. During the last week Ravi has slept very little, maybe a couple of hours a night.

Last night Ravi called me and asked if we could come over to be with him he felt that he needed us around. So You Xin, Ming Guo, William and myself went over and shared with him. He was calm but constantly talking, talking, talking about his understandings according to his practice. Eventually I get the idea to start reading the Fa to him; I started at Lecture Six on cultivation insanity. Immediately he stopped talking and started listening very carefully. Very soon he became sleepy and lay down. He went to sleep for 30 minutes but when You Xin and William tried to leave he woke up again. We decided that we should take turns to stay with him and help understand the Fa better. In the end Ming Guo and I stayed and we read Zhuan Falun from Lecture Six to some of the way through Lecture One. We read non-stop for 6-7 hours. He slept for 3 short periods through out this and remained calm but sometimes he would become irrational and make strange movements, we told him to be calm and just listen to the Fa at which point he would lie down again.

At 7am today his Ravi’s friend Karen woke up. Ravi woke up too and seemed like he was back to normal, very rational and calm. But slowly throughout the morning he started becoming irrational again. Ming Guo and I did the exercises and the meditation while Ravi and Karen tidied and cleaned up the house. You Xin turned up and after some sharing we felt that we needed to do FZN to this house as Karen was also a yoga practitioner and there were some unrighteous statues and what not that Ravi brought here. We decided that the evil was interfering with Ravi and didn’t want him to go to Geneva and we shared that the evil wanted to keep us busy maybe if we stopped running around after him like he was a little child wanting attachment. As soon as we decided to leave Ravi started banging things around and making noise. Ming Gou had asked some other practitioners to come also as we had no sleep and we had lots of other things to do regarding the trail here. Ng Chey Huey (one of the accused) and another practitioner came. Also Violet - one of the lawyers Ravi works with who practices a different form of mediation – arrived with her maid. We shared on what we should do, whether we should stay or go and we had a couple of different thoughts one that said we should stay and one that said we should leave. It was hard to know which was the best course of action. I felt that we were being distracted by running around after Ravi like he was a small child demanding lots of attention.

After a small sharing with the practitioners and some lunch that Karen organized I left. Violet followed me and wanted to share with me and help me understand Ravi’s situation some more as she has been very close to him and has seen him go through this before as this period of the year is around the time of his mothers dearth and also an important ceremony in his faith takes place soon.

My understanding as result of all this is quite simple; Ravi is confused because we are not solid in our understanding here collectively. So the evil is able to give him a hard time making him irrational and make us waiver on whether to continue with him. I think to just drop him would be bad for him also.

Through out this whole time my understanding of the entire situation is that no matter what the circumstances and details of the situation in this dimension, any outcome good or bad has been due to the strength/lack or clarity in our collective righteous thoughts and understanding of the Fa.

I also believe that Yuyi has been covering her attachments and that has caused some big problems here in Singapore. I have come to understand that she and William do not communicate much at all which I believe is a big gap on both their parts as they are the heads of FXH here.
On the whole Yuyi has been quite negative about me being here and has been negative towards Ravi. For the most part I have ignored it and just gotten on with what I have to do here. But after reading her email I believe she is being misleading as she has had very little contact with Ravi in comparison to myself or You Xin & Ming Guo.
Of course we must look inside and make sure we are not attached to Ravi. I believe that if Ravi is not part of the case that Master will of course arrange for the best to happen. But my heart tells me that for Ravi’s sake and ours, we must break through the evil interference and get him to Geneva. Ravi has done so much good for our case here so far the public hearing for example. Why are we all of sudden so willing to cut him off. Surely he needs our help right now too. I believe that will the issue of his faith has some relevance that getting distracted by that is what the evil wants. Didn’t he do well when we knew nothing of his personal life? Now that we know and we all have conflicting views within the body of practitioners involved is Ravi confused. I believe we should look inside as a whole on this issue.
I believe she was also not present at the initial teamspeak which I found out just now and I think it is odd that she wasn’t there.
The Australian practitioners that were here for the first week also shared with me that they felt the same way and were also surprised at the attitude towards us. At one of the group sharings she said that I shouldn’t be encouraged to share as I was a new practitioner and there were older practitioners with better understandings than me. Anyway you look at it this is not a good statement.
This has been passed onto me second hand but I did talk with her once and I was very surprised at her attitude. It seemed very negative and it felt like she wanted to have control of the situation and was jealous of You Xin’s and my involvement, until that point I thought she was glad that I was here to help but after talking to her it seemed not to be that way. She stated that Master said anyone coming here needed to have a good understanding of Singapore law along with the points that Theresa mentioned, I had never heard this sharing at this time and I didn’t understand why no one told me or the other Australian practitioners this before we came over here. At the time I challenged Diana on this saying that as head of FXH here surely it was her responsibility to make sure we understood these points. She didn’t respond to my query and said it was an unwritten rule and stated that she was the head of the FXH here like her position gave authority over any understanding I had share. I was surprised that someone who was FXH was so unwilling to look inside or consider other points of view.
Theresa didn’t mention this when she talked about what master said regarding Singapore’s situation on the teamspeak but I didn’t think anything of it until now. Could someone please clarify for me this point.
Also please remember that no other lawyer in Singapore has come forward and the story of how they came to have Ravi as their lawyer feels like it was predestined to me.
I am in agreement with Terri and Theresa on their understandings as they have first hand experience of the interference lawyers have had.
This is an issue that on the surface seems very complex but I think it comes down to looking within and having solid righteous thoughts. I feel it would better to share about this on Teamspeak sooner rather than later i.e. before Monday night.
This is just my understanding, please share anything you feel maybe incorrect.

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