12 Sep 2006

September 16th Flyer

This is what the fuss was all about on Sunday. The more the regime tries to silence something, the more the regime loses legitimacy as they are acting paranoid and repressive. Ironic isn't? The regime undermines itself.


Matilah_Singapura said...

There's too much rhetoric.

Last time I checked, it was still LEGAL to walk the public streets in Singapore — even as a group. School children, tourists, family and friends on outings do this everyday.

The only "empowerment" is FREEDOM, not just freedom of speech or political freedom. Freedom essentially means freedom from interference of the state whilst going about one's business peacefully

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

> The peaceful rally will also highlight the economic hardship of many Singaporeans. Not only are the poorest of the poor suffering under the PAP, but many working- and middle-class Singaporeans are also reeling from the uncaring economic policies of this Government.

This is a Big Mistake — playing the (Marxist?) "class warfare" card. You will, without doubt, piss off a lot of people if you keep using language like this.

European society evolved from aristocracies, feudalism, theocracies and plutocracies; so Marx (Karl, not Groucho — just to clarify) may have had a point when he wrote his manifesto.

However Singapore society is essentially evolved from "egalitarian" roots.

Countless Singaporeans came from very humble beginings have "made it" by sheer bloody hard work — despite constant govt interference in the lives of the individuals in society.

If you introduce "class warfare", or even hint it, it will come back and bite you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right.

Blame ALL the ills of the world on the b'ludy Singapore gahmen. What horrible and evil people they are.

Singapore is such a horrible basket case of a country. Things are so bad, so very bad here and it's all the gahmen's fault.

We have the worst airport, seaport, not to mention a failing public transport system. Have you seen our spotlessly clean MRT Stations? And some are so cavernous that it takes like a five minute walk just to change trains! And all in aircon comfort! What a waste of money and energy! Can't we design better MRT Interchanges to zip me from one train to the next without making me walk all that distance??? Can't we have those segways thinggy in the meanwhile for a better public commuting experience? How pathetic is that? And they should also think of ways to aircondition the whole of Singapore. It's just too fucking hot and humid. Each time I step outdoors, I feel like a greasepot within minutes! It's ALL the b'ludy gahmen's fault!

So there!

Hell, I am going back to bed and dream of migrating to Somalia or some such place. *ANY* place ... will be an improvement that is Singabloodypore.

Stepping down from my soapbox.


Matilah_Singapura said...

To Curmudgeon:

On the contrary — The People Get The Government They Deserve.

Despite bully tactics, bare-knuckle politics, the carrot-and-stick "manipulation" of the voters, S'poreans have voted the PAP in for over 40 years.

The purpose of activists like those on blogs like Singabloody is to highlight the potential DANGERS of the abuse of state power, and in my case the danger of having a state per se, and to find possible solutions.

The govt and the state are NOT the people. The country IS its people. The situtation in Singapore is that the govt (and the state) has FAR TOO MUCH POWER, and the people are in serious danger of losing their country to the state, such that it doesn't matter WHAT type of govt comes into power, they will have absolute and ultimate power over the people of Singapore.

The Sovereignty and Freedom of The PeopleThat is the issue.