12 Sep 2006


According to TalkingCock...
Posted by Big Cock on Monday, September 11, 2006

Topic: Alien Talent

The New Paper rejected the following two ALIEN TALENT strips with no reasons given, though one might make an educated guess that it has something to do with putting on a smile for the IMF/World Bank... oh well, looks like criticisms are not only NOT allowed outside the small area in Suntec, but also in our local press...


Anonymous said...

If one chooses to avoid listening to others' problems, how could one truly UNDERSTAND the real existing problems of others and be actually able to resolve the problems at all!!!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore's incumbent government has never been one to shy away from terrorising the docile inhabitants of this "unique" island — by using excessive force or the threat of excessive force. (for e.g.: try going down to the CPF building with a few mates to protest, and observe the riot police appear in full regalia — totally fearsome and menacing).

In fact, before elections, the voters are terrorised into voting for the incumbent by the threat of a devaluation in the value of their homes, and the well-known fact that the ballots are numbered.

Singapore is a state where the government is constantly coercing the population, and has suceeded in achieving textbook case status for students of freedom the world over by presenting a real-live case of what happens when the country is taken out of the hands of the people, and legally transferred to the hands of a powerful few, and how this is done by the blatant collusion of state powers. (notice the non seperation of powers)

Terrorists par excellence!