28 Sep 2006

Singapore bans Far Eastern Economic Review magazine

AFX News Limited

09.28.2006, 08:21 AM

SINGAPORE (XFN-ASIA) - The government said it has banned the Far Eastern Economic Review magazine after it failed to comply with media regulations.

'The Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts has revoked with effect from 28 September 2006 the approval given to the Far Eastern Economic Review (FEER) for sale or distribution in Singapore,' a government press release said.

It added that it was also an offense to import or possess copies of the Hong Kong-based magazine for sale or distribution in the city-state.

The move comes two weeks after revelations that Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his father Lee Kuan Yew had filed defamation suits against the FEER.

The Lees filed the lawsuits in August against editor Hugo Restall and Hong Kong-based Review Publishing, alleging the pair had been defamed in a July article based on an interview with opposition politician Chee Soon Juan.



soci said...

The Lees seem to be unable to engage in open debate with anyone over a certain age. As the article below this one shows they are more than willing to 'engage' with minors with whom they can brush their annoying questions aside easily.

They seem unwilling or is it unable to engage in open debate. Are they so uncertain, insecure, incompetent that any slight remark is simply crushed and ignored. They are listening to only those they can convince.

Get Dr Chee and LHL on stage live on national TV debating out of bounds issues, Burma, the death penalty, racial discrimination, foreign talent, increased transport prices, Temasek, CPF. LHL wouldn't stand a chance because he has no experience. A PM who has no experience in debating importnat political issues. How did he become PM?

jonathan said...

Actually there's no point in banning FEER - the circulation was already so low that most people who can't get their hands on a copy had been turning to the FEER website for its articles anyway. It's not gonna work - Singaporeans will still get hold of defamatory articles and they can't stop us from reading about the truth.

Anonymous said...

The Lees can't and won't engage in an open debate, because their dirty linen and closet skeletons will be exposed under close scrutiny. Too much FACE is at stake. The aura of infallibility is also at stake - if it goes the justification for top salaries will seem a lot shakier.

So, they do what they naturally have to: suppress any foreign media which attempted to do the above, indicting them for 'meddling in domestic politics with a foreign agenda', and controlling a compliant local media to churn out the spin on a daily basis.

Only in Singapore controlled by the Lees, telling the truth is a chargeable offence.

Anonymous said...

The Lees have nothing to hide and can hold up to scrutiny at any level. Lee senior has documented everything in his books and I believe the son will also do so soon. These books should become text books in our schools. People are talking about the recent paper losses made by the government investments but they have forgotten the gains and the bonuses given to all Singaporeans the past few years. Ungrateful people.

Anonymous said...

This is simply Outrageous. How can I get a copy of that issue btw...anybody?

just passing by said...


You said "How did he become PM?"

Do i have to answer the obvious?

How did Kim Jong II become president of North Korea?

Anonymous said...

"How did he become PM?"

Because his daddy calls the shot. Same reason why an ugly talentless money losing jinx can run Temasek.

i.am.singaporean said...

thank god for the internet

Anonymous said...

what a bore; cant they think of something new to do?

Anonymous said...

anon 938, my little singaporean goback and finish nyour makan, you are talking absolute rubbish, typical of your soft brain washed friends.
come on get a life and begin to recognise reality.

Anonymous said...

So when foreign publications comment on Singapore issues, its
called interfering in dosmestic politics, but when LKY talks about
the marginalisation of Chinese in
malaysia and Indonesia, its sound

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 9:38

> The Lees have nothing to hide and can hold up to scrutiny at any level.<

If so, why then do they need to ban, sue and prevent opinion different to their own.

You've missed the point completely, anon 9:38. What you are saying is akin to this:

"Hitler published his ideas in Mein Kemf (and BTW his ideas were taught in school) and therefore he can hold up to scrutiny at any level". Just because one publishes one's ideas or memoirs doesn't "automatically" elevate oneself to the doyen of morality.


I have always taken the view that the way to stand up to injustice, is to stand up to injustice with an appropriate response. It is my hope that FEER doesn't cower in FEAR.

I've been a long-time admirerer of "Escape from Paradise" co-author John Harding. In my view, Mr Harding has met the bullies with the response they deserve.

The bullies have tried to sue him. Mr Harding has responded with a threat to sue them. You see, Mr Harding is protected by the US Constitution's 1st Amendment — guranteeing freedom of speech to everyone in American territory.

I have similar rights to free speech in Australia, and those rights are guaranteed and protected in and by LAW.

Have a close look at the ineffable outrageousness of this ongoing sordid saga viz a viz Singapore Law (supposedly derived from English Common Law):

You can call George Bush a Warmongering Motherfucker, Tony Blair a Militant-Liberal Cocksucker, and John Howard a Nazi Cunt... but you can't say jack-shit about the Lees or their pals.

These "heros" (not!) behave as if they rule over the entire fugging universe...and the people let them!

Anonymous said...

so anon 38, you would be happy to see the Lee biography used in schools. god help this country, this move would be taking brain washingv to it's ultamate.

Anonymous said...

Matilah, not not FEER dares not challenge the Lees. They know that they cannot win in a Singapore court, and you know why.

soci said...

FEER could always increase their circulation by taking their online marketing to a new level and target it at Singaporean matters for a few issues. I can't wait until October for the new issue in which they will have a full reply to this banning.

Matilah_Singapura said...

to anon 4:41

Don't challenge them in S'pore. Challenge them in Hong Kong (or wherever).

John Harding has promised to sue the S'poreans who threatened to sue him in US courts. In fact, the man is spoiling for a fight ;-)

You can read all the sordid details here

Anonymous said...

the PAP leaders are proud guys; they would only debate with well known people say harvard professors like Larry Summers or NY Times columnists like William Safire; if a somebody criticizes you, it at least shows you are worth noticing; in contrast, NUS professors and ST reporters are employees of Singapore Inc; they are not suitable for showing disrespect to leaders of Singapore Inc

lee hsien tau said...

Speaking of spin, because people are discontinuing with their straits-jacket subscriptions, do you notice an emerging trend.

The Channel 5 and CNA news presenters (eg. Cheryl Fox - tested negative for drugs) appear to be shoving their heads forward so eager to whitewash your brain. It's like the long haired girl crawling out of the well, out of the TV set, and into your living room.

Be warned. Stop watching the news or press the mute button.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Matilah, I am spoiling for a fight!

There is no open debate with the Lees, or any of the political elite of Singapore - at least for now. The open debate, revolution, or whatever you call it will happen when Singapore is pulled down by the weight of supporting its imported population. When I left Singapore in 1995 the population was 2.5 million; now it is 4.5 million. Why is Singapore importing people? The reason is to show a (falsly) growing economy. More people, more money is being spent. This, however, is short term thinking to bolster Singapore's numbers, and will eventually result in Singapore's fall.